Transcript of online executive meeting, Obinwannem Global, Enugu State Chapter held on March 26, 2021

Obinwannem News Transcript of online executive meeting, Obinwannem Global, Enugu State Chapter held on March 26, 2021

The meeting started at the hour of 8:00 pm Biafra time, the opening prayers were said jointly by Nwada Nnadi Eunice and Mazi Asogwa Collins.

Nwada Nnadi Chinedu Eunice (Financial secretary women’s wing)

Nwada Ijele Precious (Provost women’s wing)

Mazi Asogwa Collins (Asst. Sec.)

Excused Members:
Mazi Okenwa (Head Admin) – sick

Mazi Chukwuebuka (Provost)
The meeting was presided by Nwada Eunice who in her humbly opening speech recognized the go-ahead order given to her by our head Admin (who was not feeling well) to be in charge of the meeting. She went further to present the agenda of the meeting;
The first agendum was the launching of Obinwannem Ndi Igbo foundation and our social media, Date: 10th or 11th April 2021. Time 1:00 pm Biafra time. The plan for launching which the venue is still pending was commended by the financial secretary. She also thanked God for his blessings and gave an applaud to our leader Mazi Ugwu Okechukwu for his relentless efforts.

Mazi Collins in his supportive gesture for the launching welcomed everybody that attended the meeting and called on God for his grace upon us.

The second agendum was the construction of water projects (boreholes) for sachet and bottle water production; and farming of all kinds, including the rearing of animals, fishery and the rest of them.

Nwada Ijele Precious noted the move for our first project as a welcomed development.

Nwada Eunice also supported the idea of our first project and described it as a crucial step that would promote our movements.

The third agendum was about tax payment, it was resolved the first payment would kick off on April 1, 2021. For members in Africa and Biafraland, they were expected to be paying a minimum tax of ₦100 to a maximum of ₦40,000; while members in the diaspora are to be paying a minimum of $1 USD to $100 USD.

Nwada Eunice emphasized this point and made us understand that the tax we are to pay would be the source of fund for any project we are to embark on. She also stated that it is not a must that everybody would be paying ₦40,000 or $100USD because we all know that all fingers are not equal, that we should pay according to our capacity and should not forget that everyone would be rewarded according to one’s contribution when our efforts begin to yield fruits.

The fourth agendum was the opening of Obinwannem offices in several States, and employing workers in the offices; like the reporters, cameramen and  journalists. Mazi Collins asked whether the offices would be sited at the capital city of each state or in another area of the states.

Nwada Eunice, in her reaction to the above question suggested taking the question to the general official meeting for clarification.

The next agendum was that all states would print flyers with details and pictures of the head administrators and P.R.O, Men’s and Women’s wing.

Nwada Eunice highlighted in the sixth agendum that every State would pick one of the four markets days in Igboland when they shall come on air (live broadcasts) to enlighten our people regarding the objectives of Obinwannem Foundation.

Mazi Collins added that the creation of awareness would, as times goes on, extend to different radio stations especially in Igboland.

Another agendum was that every member of Obinwannem Foundation must answer “present” on Saturdays and Sundays by greeting your people. It was said failure to do so would attract a fine of $1 US dollar (USD).

The ultimate agendum stated that all members of Obinwannem Foundation in Biafraland must host their meetings once every month ranging from village to federal level, and the secretaries should take note of the minute of each meeting; making sure it reached the board of Obinwannem Foundation at the appropriate time.

Mazi Collins condemned the poor attendance of members and requested for the phone contact numbers of inactive members, to be asking about their whereabouts, and to know what prevents them from meetings.

Finally, Nwada Eunice urged us to remain firm in this race to preserving our cultural heritage.

The meeting came to an end at 9:24pm Biafra Time. The closing prayer was said by Nwada Eunice.

Minutes taken by Asogwa Collins
(Asst. Sec., Obinwannem Foundation, Enugu Chapter)

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