Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcast of Sunday, 11th October 2020

Obinwannem News Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's broadcast of Sunday, 11th October 2020

Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcast of Sunday, 11th October 2020

The leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu addressed his global audience yet again in a live broadcast on the Igbo Radio Station and Radio Biafra App.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu during the broadcast which was streamed on Facebook addressed the many issues leveling from Nigeria to the whole world, as noted below.

“I am the leader of the largest massive movement on this earth, I am the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, I am Nnamdi Kanu.

“Tonight we are being listened to everywhere around the world, both on IPOB community Radio, Facebook, CHK and other various platforms.

“I am going to play what this preacher said, please get your pen and paper radio, if you don’t get your pen and paper Radio, you are doing yourself harm.

“They learned from us, we thought them how to protest. Those who said that protest cannot yield anything today they are on the street protesting. “Every day we are being vindicated, the whole world has begun to understand that we have always been right.

“The education system you have there was only meant for you to remember and not to think. “It takes the wise to understand the damage they have done to you.

“I hope if you are listening via Facebook you know that Facebook is part and parcel of the Satanic enclave that suppresses the truth and does not want a black man to know the truth.

“They need you in Africa to remain like a baboon, they need you not to remember what happened.

“That is why I told you to download the IPOB COMMUNITY RADIO APP it is very cheap to listen to, we are also on YouTube.

“You are waiting for a white man to cure every illness, you are waiting for them to produce airplanes, that is how your mind has been trained to remember and not to think.

“Some of us don’t have common sense, some of us don’t understand what is holding us down.

“If what we are doing is not working, why are they talking about one Nigeria? There is a deliberate effort to suppress what we are doing.

“This is why Mark Zuggerbagger has been bribed to silence what we are doing. “If Biafra is not in the White House, why will Obama come out and begin to defend one Nigeria?

“Ending SARS now is not the issue, you must end NIGERIA now. “The problem is not SARS, SARS is just the symptom.

“They ended SARS because they are afraid of visa ban, so that they can travel to America. You see this SARS ban is the fourth time they have banned it, there is something dishonest about this government.

“There is a headline I once posted, by BBC Pidgin. Let me tell you what BBC reported. That the same man today who said he has banned SARS banned it last year.

“I want our people to pay close attention, for those of you who are wondering, now listen to what IPOB and Radio Biafra has done. The various Igbo group in the coastal region has said that they want to reclaim their identity. That is the power of consistency.

“You cannot claim that you are Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and yet you allow your people to wallow in identity crisis. “People don’t understand how much I hate Nigeria.

“The man who was responsible for adding this “R” to all this names to differentiate the names in the Riverine area was Melford Okilo, he was former governor of Rivers State. I went to see him in London.

“People should stop complaining like little children, go and download IPOB Community Radio. “That is why I hate Nigeria, people know the truth yet they chose to believe the liars.

“When colonialism came, the white man came with a plan to colonize you forever. “Why was it not a crime to join people together but it is a crime for people to leave.

“Do you see why blacks are wretched and are all animals because they cannot reason. I ask God in heaven, is there any other way I have to explain this so that people can understand how foolish they are?

“I want to ask Britain, you have so much in common with someone In Germany than I have with a Fulani. But you that have one thing in common want to leave Europe.

“Now let me explain something to you that people don’t understand. We are going to respect every nationality when Biafra is restored.

“In Rivers State, you have Egbema and you also have the same in Imo state and yet Ohaneze did nothing about it. Now, do you see why I don’t like Ohaneze?

“You see Lauretta Onochie, the spirit of harlotry entered that one and she is busy selling prostitutes here and there. “I have done my research, the only people around the world to have denied who they are, are the Igbo people.

“I am letting Vanguard to know that any day they publish their news with a small dot saying that this is Igbo, every of their vendors in Biafraland will be destroyed. “Biafra is made up of various clan and ethnic groups, and you want us to leave our people and go? You are not serious.

“Nigeria is a business, not a country, it is a mere British business. “They said that people are unfollowing Buhari, and then I asked, but Buhari died years ago, so why are you following him

“Sometimes, you think that what we are doing is not making an impact, even the Supreme Court administrator Hope Uzodinma is saying that the current wave of insecurity in Nigeria is the worst in history.

“I will not allow you to open a Fulani colony in Biafraland, or any grazing route, you are joking.

“You claim to run a modern economy, then go and put up a ranch. All of you must put up your thinking cap, and some should go and tell them that Biafraland is being guided by IPOB volunteers Command.

“I am telling them now peacefully so that they can go peacefully. I don’t know why all the present Fulani cabal could think is what will benefit them, fulani this fulani that.

“I have told them instead of risking your life on the streets, remove the mask on Aisha’s boyfriend, unmask the bastard.

“Nigeria is considered a British property, and Nigeria’s sovereignty belongs to Britain. “Even the whole world knows that tagging IPOB as a terrorist group was garbage. “I said it, every Biafran is IGBO, from Igbanke to Balawi, you are all Igbo.

“The world is waiting to hear this gospel, everything we say the world listen. That is how deep we are, and that is how far we have gone. No idiot can stop Biafra, and only one entity can give us Biafra, and that entity is God almighty.

“On that note, we have come to the end of this program. I thank you for listening, that is why to us Biafra is our Religion and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship. From me from here and with all the love I have in me, it is good evening.

Nwada Onyechere Ugochinyere reporting, Obinwannem News

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