COVID19: Peter Okoye and Family Test Positive

Obinwannem News COVID19: Peter Okoye and Family Test Positive

Popular Anambra-born musician and CEO zoom lifestyle, Peter Okoye have said that he, wife and daughter have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Peter, popularly known as Mr. P revealed on Saturday via a video tweet on his official handle @PeterPsquare that he caught the virus first, then it went round to the household.

He further said that while he was self-isolating himself in his house, his daughter also caught the virus and then his wife.

Mr. P also said that two of his domestic staff were also pronounced positive but thanked God that all are currently negative.

In his words: “For the past three weeks I’ve been sick and most people didn’t know what was even wrong with me.

” It’s been three weeks of hell for me and my family because I contacted the Coronavirus. Not just me, I was sick and tested positive.

“The reason why I’m saying this is because I wanna encourage some people concerning social distancing, getting used to sanitizers and disinfecting your environment.

“After a week, my daughter caught the virus as well. I was sad, and the doctor insisted that she must be self-isolated.

“But my wife was so courageous as she took the responsibility for looking after our daughter not minding if she’s to get infected or not”.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

  • Mazi, send my recovery greetings to Okoye’s family i pray they be strong and thing about the Most High, this is my healings to everyone. We pray it does not repeat itself. We were told to stay in long distant and cover our face like hyena let’s obey the law for now and mind the way we move around.
    I have many ways to tell people how to guard themselves it needs a big care it can repeat make sure they control the longs and avoid dusty area.
    Now i came to why i am here.
    Fo long time, i have been trying to communicate with the Biafran but the traffic is so deep that i am confused. I am not sure of my email address, is it has been used for ads that has nothing to do with me.
    I don’t know how to get our people everyone i know here, is not serious about Biafra because we are hear but i still feel for those at home if i were there. How can i get a reply of this message is a question.

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