Obinwannem Abia executive meeting held on November 08, 2020

Obinwannem News Obinwannem Abia executive meeting held on November 08, 2020

The meeting commenced at 4:35 pm as Lolo Queensley N. Kalu led in an opening prayer. The leader gave a word of exhortation as he encouraged us to dedicate ourselves towards Obinwannem movement in Abia State, and Ala Igbo in general.

He also raised points from the minutes of the previous meeting which included opening (registering) a bank account, and the security of our community.

Our brother, who was assigned to make enquiries regarding the preconditions to opening a bank account, was called upon. He further mentioned the requirements – “Bye-law of the organization, utility receipt and passport(s) of the potential signatories.

Regarding the security of our communities, the leader called upon all local government officials to give report on the security structure of their respective communities, and how to install security apparatuses to safe-guarding our land.

Subsequently, Lolo Queensley, who hails from Umuahia South, reported that they had gotten about five persons (volunteers); adding that their names had been sent to the leader. The latter confirmed receipts stating that he called two of the five persons, and they acknowledged (agreed) to the task of securing our land; whereas, the other three could not be reached via telephone connection.

Other local government officials had no reports to give.

The leader encouraged them to do the needful before the next meeting.

More so, they were questions from members owing to the sector of security; which included “what amount shall be slated for security levy?” “What shall be the main duty and/or area of specialization of the security personnel?” “What kind of equipment should be employed?”

Reacting, the leader answered most of the questions, stressing the essence of security as something that remained worthwhile.

Lolo Queensley Kalu notified the house that one of the members of Obinwannem lost her husband to death. In that regard, the house resolved to activating a free-will donation and paying the family of the deceased a condolence visit; such that, whatever fund we realized (collected by Lolo Queensley) would be sent to the bereaved family.

Before the meeting came to an end. The leader encouraged us to remain formidable.

Our brother, Eberechukwu led the closing prayer. The meeting ended at 6:51ppm.

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