Breaking! Anambra rejects extended lockdown order

Obinwannem News Breaking! Anambra rejects extended lockdown order

Angry youths in Anambra took to the streets to protest the inhumane treatment meted out to the public by the security forces that under the guise of enforcing the extended government lockdown order are brutalizing and in some cases killing unarmed civilians in the state.

Happening in Nkpor, the video which has gone viral online shows youths in Nkpor protesting the killing of a young man and reported killings of two others.

Armed with weapons the protesters marched chanting “No more sit at home in Anambra”, “No more Nigeria”, “No more Obiano”, “The zoo has fallen” There have been reports of several cases of police brutality across the country since the government issued a lockdown order for the prevention by the coronavirus.

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Chukwugozie Okeke reporting, Obinwannem News

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