Biafrans & wonders: An encounter with Biafrans who resurrect dead engines to active service

Obinwannem News They said that in addition to carrying guns, they can equally help in building and servicing Biafra war vehicles.

During a visit by Lagos IPOB Media to a Biafran engineer’s workshop in Lagos, we met these ingenious Biafrans dismounting and dismantling the engine of a Jeep that had been certified irreparable by the brand’s specialists.

When we engaged them in the discussion, they made us know that there is no engine that they are not capable of bringing back to life, since they can fabricate whatever part that is needed to replace the damaged one.

As the issue of Biafra was raised, and whether they are in support of the Biafra restoration project, they averred that they are prepared to pay whatever price that is required to make Biafra come, including being deployed to the hottest point of any combat, if need be.

They said that in addition to carrying guns, they can equally help in building and servicing Biafra war vehicles.

When they came close to IPOB, they discovered that the methodology of IPOB is a non-violent and peaceful one, they vowed that even at that, that they are prepared to render any kind of help to restore our dear nation, Biafra.

They made us know that they had already donated their place of work as a meeting venue for IPOB, serving as the: proximate convergence arena for all Biafrans within that vicinity, declaring vehemently that they are not afraid of whatever the consequence maybe because they are passionate to restore Biafra.

These fanatical Biafrans said though they are always busy, and don’t attend other IPOB meetings like the Zonal, district or state, they make sure that they pay all their dues.

They also introduced us to another engineer, who does not have any idea about how Biafra will be the solution, with the degree of rottenness that Nigeria has become.

On further interaction with him, he said that for him as an elite, before now, he never bought the ideology of Biafra and IPOB, but, as at now, even the Nigerian Government and their policies have pushed him to see that IPOB is fighting a just cause and that in whatever form he can render his assistance, that he will render it gladly, when the need arises.

Though he is not yet a member of IPOB, he said he is in full support of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and his righteous cause for the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra.

In all, they gave their word that whatever be the spare parts of any mechanical product or machinery, which may not have been found anywhere, but has been reported to their workshop, must be founded, fabricated, and fitted, to ensure that any dead engine is ultimately brought back to life.

Source: Written by Mazi Chukwudi Okeke For Lagos IPOB Media

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