Nigeria: Are you aware policemen are constituting a nuisance in Lagos?

Obinwannem News Are you aware policemen are constituting a nuisance in Lagos?

Policemen in Lagos forgot their duties as an armed force meant to regulate law and maintain peace as they claim to be the friend of the citizen.

They now engage in bribery and corruption. Looting funds through agbero the so-called NURTW they cause traffic and hold people for stupid reasons. They claim non-eligible rights on their part.

They take hard drugs to ginger their spirit as they said. This causes them to misbehave at all costs. They beat people unnecessarily and they just act anyhow that you have no choice than to place a curse on them.

Policemen or women should seat and think deeply about their life. Is this a profession or collecting money by force. Few of them I mean just a few know what the profession is all about, and their lives are meaningful beyond doubt but those money looters and gagged behaviors their lives are just waving they are not balanced.

They put people in their custody for no offense most times and where their services are truly needed they lack to provide it there taking for an instance, I woke in a bank now and my bank is robbed if I should call the police offices now before my request would be granted the armed robbers would have gone and even shared the money.

They get late to operation, they forgot their duty and they are after eye faced Thais outwash work where people would see them and say they are working. Please our police officers should be re-orientate themselves again.

Written By Adeluwoye Comfort Eniola Obinwannem News

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