Is Igboland Landlocked? Aiden Dillion Replies Pete Edochie

Obinwannem News Is Igboland Landlocked? Aiden Dillion Replies Pete Edochie

An adherent Biafran supporter known as Aiden Dillion on Facebook has said that the claims of Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie of Igboland being landlocked is a lie.

Recall that the popular Nollywood actor has recently advised that the Biafra Republic will not stand, stressing that the southeast is landlocked.

Pete Edochie was in his explanation, limiting the Biafra Republic to only five states which made up the southeast namely; Abia, Imo, Enugu, Anambra and the Ebonyi States.

He further explained that the southeast has no seaports which will make it difficult to hoist as a nation.

In reaction, Aiden Dillion has discarded the claims of Pete Edochie, stressing that Igboland is not landlocked with further explanation of UBANI (Bonny) and Opobo being Igbos and not Izon as we were deceived to believe until IPOB came.

He said: “Nna’anyi Pete Edochie, please sir respect yourself, do not dare IPOB. We love you as a cultural icon, role model, good actor and somebody who speaks fluent Igbo. You got your facts wrong on Igboland being landlocked and we merely corrected you sir. Igboland is not landlocked because UBANI (Bonny) and Opobo are Igbo people, not Izon as we were deceived to believe until IPOB came”.

“Whoever in Ireland shot the video that angered you sir did a very good job. Any Igbo elder who thinks Igboland is restricted to 5 south-east states stand to be corrected. It’s a shame some of our elders that should know better are being tutored by this fearlessly vibrant generation”.

“Your support for the traitor Nwodo who along with Ike Ekweremadu superintended Operation Python Dance that cost so many lives will put you into trouble with Biafrans. Those who are close to you must caution you on this issue. Sir, before you can pontificate on the reciprocity of respect as obtainable in Igbo tradition, you need to first undergo what parents of victims of Operation Python Dance endured, the pain of the loss of a loved one”.

“Had you lost your first son to Nnia Nwodo’s treachery, will you still regard him as an Igbo leader worthy of respect? Next time Sir, please choose your words very carefully. Some of us in IPOB are older than you”.

“The era of condoning or celebrating mediocrity in our land because it is coming from an older person is over for good. If you claim you are old but cannot defend your children then you are not a father, you are an Efulefu. Respect is earned not given, respect is reciprocal”.

“You are our hero and cultural icon, you will always have our admiration and respect forever but please don’t defend traitors or dabble into subjects that are above your station. Biafra is our only hope, anybody toying with it will be destroyed beyond recognition, Daalu nna’anyi ukwu”. He added.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

  • I respect this guy (Dillion) God bless you and great Biafra.

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