How Nigeria Bought Lobbied The World With Lies And Money – MNK

Obinwannem News How Nigeria Bought Lobbied The World With Lies And Money - MNK

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has shortlisted ways in which the Nigerian government uses in lobbying the world away from truth and reality.

He made this known during his broadcasting on radio Biafra on Saturday evening.

He spoke, he noted that they went to the USA seeing very important people but were told the same thing they were told in Geneva. “They said to us, you have not come here before, this is the very first time we are hearing about it. Are you telling us that all these things are happening in Nigeria? I said of course Yes”.

According to Kanu, the Nigerian government had bought all the mainstream media around the World, they give them money, and engage very powerful consultants.

“Do you know what a Journalist told me in the US?

He said that they wouldn’t want to fall foul of the Nigeria Government. And I asked him, are you telling me that Nigeria has that clout?0He said, yes, yes, of course, they do. And I said who told you? Then they started to mention the Lobbyists working for the Nigerian govt. giving the impression that Nigeria is one giant Country in Africa that can do an undo”.

“Do you know that Nigerian govt. threatens foreign countries not to support IPOB and Biafra and to support the notion that the break up of Nigeria will lead to a wider configuration and regionalism which are all lies, of course.

Do you know what they tell them in Sweden and Norway? He asked.

“If you support anything that leads or may likely lead to the disintegration of Nigeria, then we will use our considerable influence in the AU, to make sure that we ostracize you diplomatically across African Countries. Nigeria is giving them the impression that they are the ones that control the AU”.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the British High Commissioner traveled to some States in Biafra Land communed and dinned with the same governors that show less or no remorse for their people.

“We traveled all over the World, we are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that the world understands our plight because before they killed 3.6m of us between 1966 and 1970, they made sure there was Media blackout”.

“Only just a few days ago the ICC issued indictments. ICC has issued indictment recently but looks at the Killing of our people going on, every blessed day. The massacre of the Shi’ite, the massacre of IPOB. Not up to one-hundredth of what the others suffered but today they are getting Justice via the ICC but not us”.

“Have you ever asked yourself why Rowanda is all over the place? Have you asked yourself why is it that despite the evil perpetrated by the cabals in Aso-rock, the world has turned a blunt eye? For two reasons, this is what they told us”.

These are the areas our people must understand, focus and concentrate and use common sense to approach it.
Nigeria is lying to them that they are the giant of Africa that they are the stabilizer of West Africa, that should there be any disintegration, the United Nations would not be able to raise enough Peacekeepers to keep 350,000 waring ethnic tribes together. That is the lie they are telling them”.

“In other words, the Fulani cabal with the help of the British is selling this falsehood. That any attempt to break up Nigeria would mean that the Igbere people will be fighting the Oduduwa, Oduduwa will be fighting the Isoko, the Isoko will be fighting Itsekiri, Itsekiri will be fighting Benin, Benin will be fighting Idoma. Do you see their lies? “.

Believe it or not from all our travels, they believe their lies because they lobby very influential researchers and NGO’s to write all these reports that appear credible on the surface but very hollow if you search it”.

Do you know what they do? They pay very expensive consultants abroad to write these reports.

“Do you know that we go to meetings and we say to them, do you see what Amnesty is saying about this? Have you seen what this reputable NGO is saying? They will tell you No. It has to come from a white Man. The report they accept as being credible or they see as being impartial must come from a white Organization and most of them are funded by very powerful interest groups.

Very corrupt Groups to write the type of report that will ensure that Nigeria continues to exist as a corrupt entity. These are some of the things you people don’t understand. You don’t know it. That is why when somebody is consciously in the room at UN headquarters in New York, once you talk about Biafra, the room becomes empty, everybody runs away because they have all been compromised”.

“They think, oh I don’t want to be the person that will be responsible for the carnage that will erupt in that region should 350,000 ethnic groups fights amongst themselves. That is the lie they are peddling because the Fulani Almajiri gave the impression that the North extends their area of influence to the Benue State and the likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe allowed the nonsense to persist. That is why we are suffering today”.

When people say why do you always mention Nnamdi Azikiwe, I say because he was a learned man, highly educated more than all of us put together but look at the mess we are in because he lacked the vision and foresight to understand the mindset of the Caliphate but we do. He stated.

To be continued.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting Obinwannem News