Coronavirus in Nigeria, truth or phantom?

Obinwannem News Coronavirus in Nigeria, truth or phantom?

News of the Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria has sent the public into a frenzy and as many continue to prepare for the worst-case scenario, we bring to you some public reactions to the news with hope that some of the comments will keep you in good spirits while we hope that the first trip to our African continent and the duration of stay for the young virus will be cut short.

Though many believe the story may be a false alarm and a move by some unscrupulous elements in power to further deplete the treasury, Obinwannem joins with the many voices out there to encourage our noble men and women who are working in the front lines and behind the scenes to combat the deadly “COVID-19” virus

Let’s go NCDC, let’s go, people, ensure proper hygiene at all times.

Vladimir Chimaobi reporting, Obinwannem News

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