Sunday Igboho abadons fight, says ‘I’ve played my part’

Obinwannem News Sunday Igboho abadons fight, says 'I’ve played my part'

Rising Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho reportedly said he would no longer lead the quest to rescue the Yoruba nation from criminals, bandits and killer herdsmen.

He stated emphatically that “I am fed up, and done with the whole idea of activism.

In a recent interview with journalist Ms. Esabode, Igboho revealed he was no longer “leading” anymore.

The interview was shared across YouTube, in Yoruba language; Igboho revealed how his account was frozen and all other challenges he has gone through, due to his activism.

He said the federal government froze his bank account, but he was later informed that it was unfrozen; then his bank manager told him he could now make withdrawals.

He also spoke regarding the attack on Prof. Soyinka’s house. The activist said he learnt of the attack, and that two of those who attacked the prof’s house have been apprehended.

In the interview, he expressed disappointment upon the leaders he claimed have not done justice to the invasion of the Fulani herdsmen on Yorubaland .

He further explained that nowhere was safe again for anyone. “Even Nigerians in the diaspora cannot come home because of the insecurity that has taken over the country.”

Igboho, in his conclusion, said “I’ve played my part; I’m not leading anything anymore if others don’t rise up. If they rise up, I will follow them. Others must stand up to do the needful.”

Sunday Igboho who has recently gathered a lot of followers in Yorubaland castigated leaders and governors of the South West. He recounted how his house was razed down by fire; including constant threat to his life.

He also highlighted on the success of his actions, saying that “herdsmen have left major part of Yorubaland never to return”.

Ifesinachi Nnabugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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