Attorney General Seeks Police Collaboration for Judicial Reform in Ebonyi State

Attorney General Seeks Police Collaboration for Judicial Reform in Ebonyi State Attorney General Seeks Police Collaboration for Judicial Reform in Ebonyi State

The Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Dr Ben Uruchi Odoh, has embarked on a mission to bolster judicial reform in Ebonyi state by seeking collaboration with key stakeholders, including the police. In pursuit of this goal, Dr Odoh paid a courtesy and advocacy visit to the newly appointed Commissioner of Police, CP Augustina Ogbodo.

During the visit, Dr Odoh emphasized the importance of fostering a strong synergy with relevant stakeholders, acknowledging that meaningful judicial reform requires collective efforts. He highlighted that transformation cannot be achieved by working alone, but rather by collaborating with dedicated minds and forming a team with a common vision.

The Attorney General conveyed his congratulations to CP Augustina Ogbodo on her well-deserved elevation to the position of Commissioner of Police in Ebonyi State. He commended her for her past accomplishments and dedication to taking the Nigeria Police Force to greater heights.

The main purpose of the visit was to seek the involvement of the police in the implementation of the Ebonyi Restorative Justice Team’s mission. Dr Odoh presented the idea of a restorative justice system in the state and sought the support of CP Ogbodo and her team in making it a reality.

In response, Commissioner CP Ogbodo assured Dr Odoh and his team of the unwavering support and backing of the police in achieving their goal of a transformed justice system in Ebonyi State. She expressed her commitment to working closely with the Ministry of Justice and other stakeholders to make a positive impact in the state.

Dr Odoh expressed optimism that this collaboration between the police and the Ministry of Justice would align with the transformative vision of Governor Francis Nwifuru’s administration. He emphasized the importance of eradicating issues like unnecessary torture during police custody and addressing unqualified individuals posing as solicitors in law courts.

The Attorney General looked forward to a harmonious relationship between the police and the Ebonyi State Ministry of Justice, highlighting that this collaboration would play a pivotal role in achieving their shared objectives.

The visit concluded with both parties expressing their determination to work together to bring about meaningful change and ensure that justice is served efficiently and fairly in Ebonyi State. With the concerted efforts of the Police, Ministry of Justice, and other stakeholders, the transformative vision of Governor Francis Nwifuru is expected to become a reality in the near future.


Written by Nwokwu Chukwuemeka (Obinwannem News correspondent Ebonyi State)
Published by Ugwu Okechukwu (Obinwanne ndi Igbo)

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