The North making money out of terrorism!

Obinwannem News The North making money out of terrorism!

Since the creation of the contraption called Nigeria and the amalgamation of the regions that makes up the British company, the North has been outstanding! While the Igbos are outstanding in business and the yorubas are outstanding in education, The North chose a very terrible sector, they became outstanding in the business of killings and terrorism.

The North just like the Egyptians of old are a very privileged people or so they seem to be in the country called Nigeria, Even during the Nigerian/ Biafran war of 1963-1970, the northern kids were taken care of with enough food and water while down here in the east the children languished in hunger due to the malicious war policies of Yakubu Gowon, but then the Igbo kids got over it and today are everywhere doing absolutely well in business and in other areas of life. The Igbo children of the east adapted to discomfort and when the sun began to rise they sprang up and rose with sun.

But their counterpart the British Egyptians of Nigeria got so used to having everything done for them that when the tide changed they resulted to crimes to make money and worst of all crimes against humanity. The amount of guns and other deadly weapons currently in circulation in the North is alarming, different groups of boys and small scale terrorist teams up now and then to perform one atrocity or the other and the government in order to cover their shames blame these atrocities on the well known bokoharam whom even from all indication is being sponsored by the powers currently ruling Nigeria.

Boko Haram is not the only group committing crimes in the North, everyday, youths teams up to do one thing or the other, boko Haram will get the blame anyway. The northern politicians have come to understand the business of terrorism and today the North even stage manage terrorism acts, this leads me to the kankara school boys of Katsina state.
Every thinking Nigerian will understand the dramatic elements evident in that story, school boys were kidnapped and within twenty four hours they were released a while hundred of them and the federal government insisted that they paid no ransom for the release of those boys, yet no one was arrested, how the federal government get the boys? From who?

We know well enough that the kidnap was staged and managed effectively just to make Buhari look like a Messiah and to discredit former President Goodluck Jonathan on how he managed the Chibok school girls saga.

Despite the efforts of the North to sell Buhari to Nigerians, despite their ploys to hide their utter ruins in the system. The system keeps leaking and the ill water keeps on dripping and unlike a leaky roof, Nigeria can’t be patched, ggit needs total overhauling and dissolution.

How can one stay together with someone that kills for fun, with someone that sees killing as a way of making cool cash, people are being kidnapped daily, lives is being lost, Igbos are constantly on their heels, Christian gets a gift of bombing in their churches and nothing is being done about it.

Biafra remains the hope of the Igbo man, since the Country has proven that they have no place for the ingenuity of the Igbo man.

Jude ifesinachi Nnabugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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