Nigerian army gets a new assignment: The ESN

Obinwannem News Nigerian army gets a new assignment: The ESN

In 2015 when General Muhammadu Buhari took over power, misguided Nigerians thought their security problems has ended. Well, one would be tempted to believe so, judging by the former’s military experience. To further mislead his followers, Buhari made empty security promises which time has proven to be indeed empty.

Since General Buhari took charge of the seat of power in Nigeria, bombing intensified, kidnapping, terrorism and all manner of insecurities became the order of the day. What is worries me is these acts of insecurities target a particular group and the body language of the Nigerian military is nothing to write home about.

General Buratai and his boss general Buhari has either kept mum or walked out of these problems without acknowledging them.

This brings me to the inefficiency of the Nigerian military, These men have been totally overwhelmed, maneuvered and completely disarmed by the insecurities in the country. A military outfit that can’t trace the location of the bokoharam sect, A military outfit that is always ambushed and decimated by the terrorist group.

In order to hide their failure and gross incompetency they dug graves and buried their dead soldiers in mass, without respect, without dignity, without honour, they were buried like mere civilians who were banished from their land, then where is the pride of being a soldier in this country, who will blame Nnamdi kanu for calling this country a zoo?

Recently, there has been a renewed wave of insecurity and kidnapping targeting clerics, Pastors, bishops, seminarians and all who is associated with Christianity are being kidnapped and beheaded gruesomely and what did the Nigerian army do? Nothing! What did general Buhari say? Your guess is as good as mine.

Leah sharibu is still in the hands of the boko Haram sect, despite the fact that other kids who are Muslims has being released, the girl was left there because she is not a Muslim, the highest injustice against a Nigerian child and it pains me till this moment that the Nigerian army is yet to do something about her case, In Nigeria, if you’re not a Muslim, you’re not a Nigerian and if you’re not a northerner then you’re probably not human. President Buhari is a president of the North.

Just last week, a group of schoolboys was kidnapped from their school in Katsina state and after some questionable movements by the Nigerian securities, those boys were released but then no arrests were made, the kidnappers were paid off and for what? To go and enjoy themselves, when they are done enjoying themselves they will come back and kidnap other kids and the circle continues, Nigeria has no security!

The Nigerian army is busy looking for the camp of Eastern security network, a security body formed by mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The uselessness of the Nigerian army is again displayed because till date they have not been able to locate the camp of a newly formed security outfit that’s just some few weeks old and it always seems that the Eastern security network is always ahead of the Nigerian army, outsmarting them in every way.

If a poorly organized sect like Boko Haram should prove a hard nut to crack for the Nigerian military, then I wonder why Nigeria has soldiers.

The ingenuity of the Igbo man cannot be over emphasized, The ESN has proved to the whole world that the Biafran people can indeed govern themselves, in recent weeks they have tested two rockets, and manufactured their own guns, not just local guns, but internationally accepted guns.
The Igbo man erases impossibility and all I can say to the Nigerian army is beware! A new sheriff is in town

Ifesinachi Nnabugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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