Tell Buhari to cancel ‘Ruga’, we don’t want Fulani settlement in our ancestral lands – Chief Nwokedi warns Amechi, Tinubu others

Obinwannem News Tell Buhari to cancel 'Ruga', we don't want Fulani settlement in our ancestral lands - Chief Nwokedi warns Amechi, Tinubu others

lt is time to break up from Nigeria

A notable freelance journalist and Igbo stakeholder Chief Nwokedi Oliver Emeka has cautioned Nigerian leaders collaborating with the fulanis to take over ancestral lands of the Middle belt, Southern Nigeria to ask President Buhari to openly announce the cancelation of Ruga, and settlement of fulanis in Middle belt and Southern Nigeria.

He made this known on his Facebook page, while addressing the Middle belt and Southern Nigeria, on Monday, exposing details on how the Fulani caliphate conquered Nigeria with the aid of some Nigeria leaders such as Gowon, Rotimi Amechi, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Ahmed Tinubu, Ngige, Okorocha, Oshimole, Wole Soyinka, Obaseki, Prof Osibanjo, Godswill Akpabio and others.

Nwokedi, faulted the 1999 constitution programmed to favour Fulanis, gave President Buhari 20 days ultimatum to cancel Ruga, and discourage the settlement of Fulani in the Middle belt and Southern Nigeria, warning the mentioned leader to urge Buhari to address this issue, or be ready to face the consequences.

“This message is for those residing in the middle belt, Northern, Western, South South part of Nigeria. The time has come for us to make a decision we never wanted. Let us break up from Nigeria. The recent events in the country has forced us to go back to history to confirm strategies used by fulani in the succesful conquest of the people.

“What i discovered is that the Fulani never conquered a town, city, or community without the Indigenous collaboration from the city, town or community, this is an historical fact.

“ln this broadcast we will mention their names to put the world on notice. In 1808 A Fulani by name Usman Danfodio, captured Sokoto under flimsy excuse of corruption and religion, they call it ‘Jihad’ and it took place between 1804 to 1808. It was successful because there were Indigenous molds from Sokoto that worked with Usman Danfodio.

“After Sokoto was captured many other Nigerian empires in the North was defeated, their leaders dethroned with the help of House molds, their kingdom was taken over by Fulanis.

” In 1967—1970 they conquered Nigeria because we had Gowon and some other miolds in the Middle belt. After Gowon has helped the to conquer, he was overthrown by the same Fulani in 1975, ever since that time Nigeria has become a Fulani entity handed over from one Fulani to another.

“The same Fulani wrote the defective 1999 constitution that favored only the Fulani and imposed it on everyone as a constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2015. They chase away Jonathan because they have molds such as Rotimi Amechi, Ahmed Tinubu, Wole Soyinka, Pastor Tunde Bakare,and Prof Osibanjo.

“Fulanis has perfected the act of consistently exploiting the greed of humans in order to commandeer the interest of the majority. These Fulani people who came into our soil as visitors in 1800, having a current population of less than 5 million in Nigeria, has given 195 million, 30days ultimatum to give the our land, or they will kill our brothers residing in North.

“Yes, we’ve heard them. but let molds like General Gowon, Wole Soyinka, Okorocha, Oshimole, Obaseki, Amechi, Tinubu, Ngige, Prof Osibanjo , Godswill Akpabio, and other Southern and Middle belt collaborators that should the Fulani makes good their threat we will start from our in-house before challenging the external aggressors.

“Your serving grace is to tell Buhari to openly announce cancelation of Ruga, and every other thing that suggests Fulani settlement in ancestral land of the people of Middle belts and Southern Nigeria, tell Buhari that this announcement must be done latest 20 days before expiration of the 30days given to us by fulani. if we did not hear from Buhari, we will take it, that he ordered the ultimatum to be issued.

“We therefore call on OPC, Biafra, Niger Delta militant, the main Bakassi boys, Igbo liberation movement and other support groups to work closely together as one body. We must watch out by attempts by molds to escape. We must do the needful. Nigerians living abroad should trail their movement, and do the needful, we don’t want Fulani settlement in our ancestral lands, we do not have time anymore.

“Everyone should join OPC, middle belt, IPOB, join Igbo liberation movement, Niger Delta militant, Bakassi, sleep no everyone should be vigilant”.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News / September 6, 2021

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