Launching of Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Global Foundation (OFU OBI) on 1st July 2021. at Obu Gad in Enugu-Aguleri Anambra state.

Obinwannem News Launching of Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Global Foundation (OFU OBI) on 1st July 2021. at Obu Gad in Enugu-Aguleri Anambra state.

To the Igbo Biafra Nation
To all Igbo groups global

All the entire Igbo race

 Letter of Information

It is with great pleasure that Obinwannem umu omenala Igbo global writes to you. We the entire umu Igbo global (IMO, Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi and Abia) state have come together to bring in (“a united Company and cultural foundation”) in Igbo land and the united company’s name is ‘OBINWANNEM’.

Obinwannem has three branches of communication.


Mission Statement: Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Global Cultural Movement

•Our mission is to restore the honour and dignity of the Igbo nation and her citizens.
•To restore the pride of Ndi Igbo through the reestablishment of our self-esteem, in the true spirit of love and support for one another
•To ensure that our past trials and tribulations are turned into a glorious future
•To rebuild the strength of Umu Igbo through her bond of unity.
•To ensure that the Igbo nation reinvents herself and gets back on track, in order to regain her pride of place in the world.
•To reinvigorate the ingenuity of umu Igbo, through self-rediscovery and self-actualization
•To see that no Igbo child or citizen is left behind in the grand scheme of things in the reemerging Igbo nation. Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Global Foundation – Ofu Obi.

Our mission and work are to team up, and teach our brothers all our lost culture, the Igbo language and revive our customs and tradition in the life of every Igbos. We also want to be helping our brothers all over the world and also attend to what concerns them. we will also need their support too.

Obinwannem News
Launching of Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Global Foundation (OFU OBI) on 1st July 2021. at Obu Gad in Enugu-Aguleri Anambra state.

We are writing to inform you that we want to be developing our land through SOCIAL MEDIA called OBINWANNENEWS.COM, Obinwannem News will help umu Igbo to be spreading the good news about our culture and tradition around the Igbo land, bring world news in both Igbo and English language and also put up a team among us that will be writing the history of Igbo land.

OBINWANNEM.COM is a social network of umu omenala Igbo worldwide created to unite Umu omenala, Odinala Igbo global together.

OBINWANNEM.ORG is a non-governmental organization that will be creating documentary data of Umu omenala, Odinala Igbo around the world so that we will know each other worldwide.

Those are the OBINWANNEM company umu omenala, odinala Igbo global created to help ourselves, Only Umu Igbo are the people that are going to be working and sponsoring this great project for the betterment of Umu omenala, odinala Igbo worldwide.

We will be taxing ourselves to pay our people that are working in the company both home and abroad where we registered OBINWANNEM company and foundation, like OBINWANNEM is registered in Ukraine, Nigeria and the united state of America, and also creating Jobs to our jobless people in order to decrease criminality and some difficulties.

We will also join hands together to raise our brothers through Online businesses, put our hands on other businesses like Agriculture, Farming, Rearing of animals, sewing, the opening of boreholes in villages where there is no water, fix securities that will take care of our villages in Igbo land and in the life of Umu Igbo global.

We will also make effort to ensure that our brothers who have been held captive abroad will be released either by talking to the government using money to release or through other means thereby informing their family members about their ward’s imprisonment condition and also inform them about the consequences.

We also want to be helping our brothers to travel out to different countries, a good country that will allow our people to work without intimidation as we see it now around the world today, so that they will be working and we will be having a contract with the government of those countries. Any country we are taking our brothers to, will know about it, the community will also know about it and we will take the responsibility.

If the person gets there and work, he will come back with something so we can join it in the development of our community. We want to use our hands to help ourselves in the community and we will be reporting and interacting with the community heads and the marketers’, not the government.

Obinwannem wants the progress of our land, we don’t have a strong television where we stand like BBC because BBC is not ours, and we and some other private individuals have joined hands together to create a television channel that will be speaking for all Igbo’s in one umbrella and so we are forming it by ourselves ( that is, indigenous members of every state. (Enugu, Anambra, IMO, Ebonyi and Abia) will have their own, but we will have one central body that will represent each state.

Obinwannem News
Launching of Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Global Foundation (OFU OBI) on 1st July 2021. at Obu Gad in Enugu-Aguleri Anambra state.

Thanks in anticipation of your cooperation.

Obinwannem ndi Igbo global Foundation

Nwachineke Ugwu Okechukwu
(CEO Obinwannem )

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