Ebonyi: The greek gift and shadow chasers!

Obinwannem News Ebonyi: The greek gift and shadow chasers!

He who comes to equity must do so with both hands, body and soul. You shouldn’t be accusing people of what you also are guilty of, I detest selective judgement and the person involved is adjudged to be far more dangerous than those in scrutiny.

The governor of Ebonyi State our own Apostle since the inception of his government has cowed all his appointees, cronies and those who need something from him into bringing fat gifts ranging from cows, trailer loads of rice, and other gift items to his hometown in Uburu every Christmas and new year and no one has ever had the courage to condemn it.

Last year own took a different dimension where he commissioned some people into taking roll calls of what individuals, cooperate bodies, ministries and boards brought after which it is scrutinized and scored accordingly. Few of his appointees who couldn’t meet up with their own Greek gift due to one problem they had then or another were either suspended, relieved of their jobs or both.

I went to Uburu on December 2018 preceding 2019 the election year to submit a cow from someone(name withheld for some reasons) and after hectic day of taking it to the pavillion side of his family house, the cow was registered as was the protocol and we then made to drive it to his Osborn La Pam Hotel in Uburu, behind the hotel was a very large expanse of lands acquired for ranching or call it grazing reserve, there was no even space for us to drop our own cow due to the fact that about 3hectres of lands fenced there was already filled up with the animals and we have to squeeze our own in.

While going home, I began to ask myself rhetorical questions.

  1. What is the purpose of a Governor milking poor Ebonyians even after sitting on their wealth?
  2. What is he going to do with those thousands of cows I saw today in his grazing reserve?
  3. Are you sure those lands he collected wouldn’t be taken and the owners out of eye-service donate them to him?
  4. Even if it is wished by people to donate the cows, why don’t he block them from bringing those gifts knowing full well that it was not done out of the love they have for him but political gain etc.

Our politicians and Nigeria political setting has so degenerated such that the highest bidder is whom the leader notices and there is nothing anyone can do about it at present except God personally intervene. Take for instance, someone represented the Governor yesterday at the thanksgiving mass of our dear Revered Bishop Peter Chukwu Nworie as he celebrated his first mass at St. Jude Catholic parish in his hometown Onunweke Ishioffia Unwuezeokoha and boldly told the congregation that the governor did not give him anything to bring to the Church nor the Bishop but has to make donation as an individual, such is the situation we found ourselves into.

I prefer the cars donated to the Bishop even if it is 100 cars than those Greek gifts they loads to Uburu, after all our priests are neither paid nor voted in by anyone but feeds from people’s goodwill donations unlike the former who gets billions of Naira every months and covet most to himself and immediate family.

May God have mercy on us all as no one is free including me. We are all chasing shadows at last.

Mazi Nwokwu Solomon Chukwuemeka reporting, Obinwannem News reporter/ September 25, 2021

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