The story about Nigeria and the regional security outfits.

Obinwannem News The story about Nigeria and the regional security outfits.

The unity of Nigeria has been compromised a long time ago, though our selfish Igbo leaders and northern power hungry leaders refused to accept it.

We are a broken country in every way, in resources, in values, in political appointments, in marriage and in every single thing that was supposed to keep us together, one will then be tempted to ask “why are we together?”

We are one yet we are divided in so many fragile units that we can’t pick up our broken pieces and attempt sticking together ever again. I wonder the kind of a country where people have no confidence in the army, where people place no trust in the country’s police or has any form of regard or acceptance for this institution.

In sane countries of the world, being in the army is such an honorable job and soldiers carry themselves with honor, dignity and passion for the job they do knowing fully well that the lives of the nation is in their hands.

In Nigeria, different regions have created the different security outfits because the Nigerian police and Nigerian army cannot and would not protect them, it all started like a joke. Every soul in Nigeria is responsible for his own security though Nigeria wastes millions on security each year.

The south west communities came together to create Amotekun few months back, a regional security outfit armed and ready to defend themselves, chasing crimes, and nabbing the activities of the deadly Fulani herdsmen, the operation Amotekun is a prayer answered for the south West.

Meanwhile the Igbo man like always, is lagging behind once more, it’s a shame that the Eastern governors didn’t see reasons to create security outfit to protect their people, because they are serving Buhari and want to be loyal to the Fulani Caliphate all for political gains and political selfishness.

Then Nnamdi Kanu came along with the Eastern Security Network, that’s the only hope of security for Ndi Igbo though our blind governors have refused to see it. To cap it all, just few days back, the north replied with their own security outfit the Shege ka fasa! Then one will wonder if not for Nnamdi kanu how will the Igbo man survive.

The three tribes making up the British contraption all own an arm-carrying security outfit and it’s a breakdown towards anarchy, towards separation which the Fulani man is trying hard to prevent.

Nigeria is sitting on a bomb that is about to detonate and I hope the Igbo man understands this sooner to avoid being caught up in the mess that will trail along with separation and anarchy, I hope our Eastern governors re-evaluate what they believe in and their loyalty too. Nigeria is going down every day.

Ifesinachi Nnabugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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