COVID-19: UK govt closes all travel corridors till February 15

Obinwannem News COVID-19: UK govt closes all travel corridors till February 15

The British government has announced the closure of every travel medium from Monday (today), in order to “protect against the risk of new variants of COVID-19 into country”. Closure will be in force until at least February 15.

More so, travellers entering UK, whether by boat, train or plane, will have to show proof of negative COVID-19 test to be allowed entry.

Travellers must take a test 72 hours before departure; and will also have to be quarantined for ten (10) days upon arrival.

Travellers arriving at the Hearthrow airport on Monday, complained about substantial long queues at the airport, saying they felt “unsafe,” due to what they described as “poor social distancing”.

The UK government also stated that passengers who cannot be tested at a connecting airport would still be able to travel.

“If you had planned to test before your journey , but you were not able to do so, you will be allowed on board if only you could pay £500 fine on arrival.”

The restriction, however, exempted Irelands. Report says it could be eased if the numbers of infections and/or hospital admission rates become minimal.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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