Fathers and their impact in the society

Obinwannem News Fathers and their impact in the society

Unarguably, a father is like a potter whose duty is to create and protect his creativities from wolfs in human flesh for the purpose of greatly impacting the society of manhood.

In the beginning, Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama (Almighty Creator) made man in his own image and gave him the power of dominance over other creatures.

The reason for this is nothing far from the fact that the Almighty Creator himself created man only, in his own image.

He not only made man, but he also gave him so many responsibilities, and these responsibilities if carried out properly will positively impact society and vice versa.

Man as a potter puts in his best creation to work, reproduces his very best qualities in his own image also. His duty is not limited to producing.

After production, this image needs to be nurtured and protected from all forms of danger, immoralities, and every other thing that could hinder the progress of that creation, though to an extent.

But the question all men need to answer is, “did you take up your responsibilities or left it for the woman”?

Some men shy away from their responsibilities, thereby allowing the woman to take charge. This very act has never ended well. Remember, the Almighty Creator gave that responsibility to the man in the beginning.

Yes, the woman also has a role to play, but her role is understandably domesticated. The woman is a helper, but some men have deliberately levied their responsibilities on the shoulder of the woman.

I want you to understand that the role of a man affects hugely, the society we live in today; this is because children are the source of creation brought through them.

However, some men are greatly impacting their creatures (Children) and they are worth celebrating. Marking the world father’s day, every father in retrospect should be able to know his impact on society.

Children are always proud of every responsible father, no matter his strength. This is a fact to reckon with; no father should shy away from his duties as long as you humanity lasts.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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