Diseases caused by too much drinking of Alcohol

Obinwannem News Diseases caused by too much drinking of Alcohol

A lot of people drink alcohol just for enjoyment not knowing the health implication of drinking too much. Too much alcohol is not good for the body as it affects some vital organs in the long run.

Inflammation of the liver caused by drinking too much alcohol is called Alcoholic Hepatitis. This occurs in individuals who drink heavily for many years although not every heavy drinker develops alcohol hepatitis and sometimes it occurs in individuals who drink moderately too.

Once diagnosed with Alcoholic Hepatitis, all forms of alcohol drinks are to be stopped if continued it can lead to a high risk of liver damage if not death.


With common signs such as yellow skin and whites of the eyes ‘jaundice’ with increase stomach size due to fluid accumulation. Other symptoms include:

Pain in the abdomen
Gastrointestinal: bloating, fluid in the abdomen ‘ascites’, nausea, vomiting

Loss of appetite: which can lead to malnutrition
Fatigue and weakness
Low-grade fever
Behavior changes due to a buildup of toxins normally broken down and eliminated by the liver and confusion
Kidney and liver failure


Alcohol hepatitis can be prevented by:
Drink responsibly and moderate at all times

Protect yourself from hepatitis c. Infectious liver disease is usually caused by a virus and if not treated it can lead to cirrhosis ‘chronic liver damage’.

Mixing medication and alcohol: consult your doctor if it’s safe to take alcohol while on prescribed medication.

Always read the warning labels over the counter or on any self-prescribed medication 


Treatment consist of self-care which involves: 

Hydration: regular intake of fluid

Nutritional care: basic duty to provide adequate and appropriate food and drinks to the body

Abstinence: a total stop in the consumption of alcohol by the diagnosed individual

Medication: anti-inflammatory, cholesterol medication, and steroid medication are administered to the diagnosed patients.

Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube reporting, Obinwannem news writer/ November 2, 2021

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