Control and sharing of oil resources ”discriminatory” – Okowa tells FG

Obinwannem News Control and sharing of oil resources ”discriminatory” – Okowa tells FG

Delta State Governor and Chairman of the South-South Governor’s forum, Ifeanyi Okowa, on Wednesday has said that the Federal Government’s decision to allow some states like Zamfara mine and manage gold and other solid minerals in their domains, while stopping the Niger Delta states from managing their oil and gas resources is ”pdiscriminatory”.

The governor, who added that all states in the South-South region were united in the quest for the restructuring of the country, also stated that there was need to restructure the country to pave the way for the devolution of more powers to states and local governments.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday in Asaba, Okowa noted that Nigeria is not making progress as it ought to because the issues of restructuring and resource control are yet to be addressed.

He said, “The South-South Governors have been in the forefront for the devolution of power to states and local governments.

“Restructuring, resource control and security of the country, especially in the Niger Delta will be a major topic of discussion at the Presidential parley coming up in Port Harcourt.

“We cannot apply laws in such a manner that it becomes discriminatory because you cannot mine solid minerals somewhere in Zamfara and you can’t allow Niger Delta to manage their oil.

“The kind of money we spend, especially on road construction in the Niger Delta is very huge compared to what other states spend and we also spend lots of money securing oil facilities and keeping peace in the region.

”We have our DESOPADEC managing the derivation funds and I am convinced that they are doing their best to make life better for the oil-producing communities.

”We have been short-changed severally because we are not in control of how the funds are distributed. There is a lot of money being owed us on derivation and we are working very hard to get the Federal Government to pay us because it will help us so much in our budget to provide more for the oil producing communities.

”If every community rises up to control their resources then there will be chaos and anarchy.

”In 2021, we will employ more teachers basically in Science and Technical Education. We will employ according to needs and not according to pressure.

”We have mobilized them and I hope they work well in this dry season because without tackling the drainage systems in Warri, any road constructed there will not last,’’ he added.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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