Umu Igbo are serious and disciplined enough to survive, but also bold and open-minded

Explorers are Umu Igbo. We travel simply because we haven’t been there before. We look at new forms of communication, new ways to conduct business, and new technologies.

Exploration embodies some of the most positive characteristics that we can achieve. It takes faith, courage, optimism, confidence, discipline, and self-sufficiency. Exploration combines curiosity with commitment, risk, and the possibility of great reward.

The Umu Igbo are courageous, open-minded, and energetic while also being serious and disciplined enough to survive. The Umu Igbo are extremely resourceful and efficient with their resources.

Although Umu Igbo are very focused, they never lose their sense of wonder at the discoveries that are happening all around them.

Take the time to explore in everything you do as an Igbo nwafor. There is so much for us to learn about: people, places, concepts, methods, and perspectives.

And the best version of us will emerge soonest thanks to our spirit of exploration.

Obinwannem Ofu Obi, Obinwannem Ofu Obi. Anyi Bu Umu Igbo United Groups.

Writing by Mazi Chidiebere Nwaoriaku From Abia. (Igbo Nbu Igbo 1)

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