Freedom is not given, it is taken – Mazi Ichelle

Obinwannem News Freedom is not given, it is taken - Mazi Ichelle

I really don’t understand how black people are wired, the same people killing you since forever, enslaved you, gave you the white supremacist Jesus and Mohammedan religion, btw,

Mohammed is whiter than snow, fought wars to keep you in the cotton fields, opposed Lincoln (Republican) and removed his name from ballot papers in several states across the US cos he wanted to set the black man free, and he still won and set the black man free.

These same ppl put you out on the streets, helped you destroy black businesses and communities in the guise of Black lives matter, they convinced you to vote same man (Biden) who sponsored a bill that enslaved and caged more black people in American history.
“Black people are useless”- MNK

The earlier you admit it and fight for your freedom, the better, only you can set yourself free. The Niger area is the mirror reflection of a black man’s brain.

The other day, I saw people unloading a lorry filled with cattle, goats are dragged by the horns from the top and the tails by people on the ground armed with nooses, whipped, sold, the ones in the shelter are still fighting for food knowing your sold brothers will never return, some are even butchered right there for all to see.

That my brother is the black man for you, the black man will wait till eternity for another to grant him God-given freedom. Now down here, blacks are enslaving indigenous blacks who in turn enslave their brothers soon even animals will grow some balls and enslave the black man too.

I’m sorry sorry sorry oo, I’m sorry for Nigeria, I’m sorry for Africa.- Fela Kuti SO SAD!

Vladimir Chimaobi reporting, Obinwannem News

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