Things Diabetes Patients Should Not Do In Relation To Exercise

Obinwannem News Things Diabetes Patients Should Not Do In Relation To Exercise

Physical exercise remains one effective way diabetics may employ to control their blood sugar levels. However, like every other human activity, some expensive mistakes may also be made while carrying out this activity.

We want to highlight some exercise mistakes that should be avoided in carrying out this important assignment as thus;

1. Not testing blood sugar level before exercise.
It is highly necessary to check your blood sugar level before engaging in physical exercise if you have diabetes. This is important to prevent hypoglycemia.

A person with low blood sugar level should not engage in physical exercise without taking something to boost his energy. In the same vein, people with very high blood sugar level should control their blood sugar level before commencing physical activity.
Patient whose blood sugar level is 250 mg/ dl, or more should not engage in physical exercise until their blood sugar is reduced to avoid complications.

2. Avoid skipping a water break.
Rehydration is very important in physical activity. Even though exercise is very important to diabetics, it is important to remember when to take a drink. Avoid any manner of dehydration to avoid blood sugar spike.

3. Not taking an emergency kit.
While going out for exercise, always remember to carry an emergency kit along. Something that can help to refill blood sugar in case blood sugar level lowers beyond proportion etc.

4. Not wearing protective stockings and boots.
There is need to prepare very well before exercise to avoid injury which may not easily heal. The need to protect yourself against injury overides other considerations.
So protect yourself very well before engaging in physical exercise.

5. Ignoring what your body is telling you.
Although diabetics need to exercise regularly, they should also not ignore what their body is telling them. If your body tells you that you are not fit for exercise today! Listen and obey the instruction.
It is not proper to force yourself into an exercise your body cannot carry .

6. Not doing exercise at all.
The greatest exercise mistake a diabetic patient can do is not engaging in physical exercise at all. You should find an exercise you love and engage in it regularly. Many people are scared of engaging in physical exercise, this is very dangerous for people living with diàbetes, because physical exercise helps the body to use glucose effectively.

Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube reporting, Obinwannem news writer/October 27, 2021.

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