Four diseases and symptoms caused by damaed blood vessels

Obinwannem News Four diseases and symptoms caused by damaed blood vessels

If you have a diagnosis of Hypertension, that is enough. Hypertension is the queen of blocked vessels. And once your vessels are blocked it is necessary to clean the vessels.

In a nutshell, i would explain
four disease caused by damaged blood vessels , and signs that would follow.

Four diseases caused by damaed blood vessels:

  1. Hypertension: Unstable or always high pressure, which has to be lowered with medication. The main indicator. Have you been diagnosed with hypertension? Your vascular system needs to be cleaned! “

2. Varicose veins: Bulging veins in the legs, heaviness and pain, swelling. Cholesterol and blood clots clog the venous valves. Gradually vascular asterisks appear, which then turn into a vascular network. And that is already developing in varicose veins.

3. Hemorrhoids: When the rectal vessels that drain blood clog, the hemorrhoidal nodes become inflamated. If the blood vessels that carry blood clog first, anal fissures appear.

4. Osteochondrosis: It is a lack of circulation in the cartilage. Cartilage hardens and begins to disappear, with no time to recover. They do not renew and shrink. They lose the ability to cushion gently. Salts begin to grow uncontrollably, forming a hump.

  • 7 suggestive symptoms:
  1. Edema: Dirty vessels don’t have time to pump liquid. The metabolism of water and salt is disturbed. At night, the feet swell until the socks sink into the ankles leaving dents. Puffy face and bags under the eyes. Fingers do not allow to remove the rings. A bloated stomach speaks of swelling of the internal organs.

2. Tinnitus: From a thin, barely audible screech to a loud howl and hum that interferes with focus. It is a consequence of the increased tension of the cerebral vessels that exert pressure on the eardrums.

3. Vertigo: A dizzy head, sudden attacks of vertigo indicate that your vestibular apparatus is starving. Often, the hearing also suffers.

4. Insomnia: Do you feel sleepy and lethargic as you go to bed without being able to fall asleep? This is due to a lack of blood supply to the pituitary gland which stops producing melatonin, the sleep hormone.

5. Complete reluctance: Absence of force and willingness. You do not want to do anything. You just want to lie down and eat. This feeling arises because the body goes into energy saving mode. The organs do not receive adequate nutrition in the dirty vessels and, in order not to die, your body seeks to reduce activity as much as possible.

6. Visual abnormalities: Flies, waves, haze in the eyesight. These are symptoms of ocular vascular insufficiency

7. Joint pain: Depending on the weather, the joints twist. When you wake up in the morning, you do not feel awake and rested, but a semi-paralyzed disabled person. You have to walk around for a while and knead the hardened joints after sleep. This is due to the fact that the synovial fluid loses its properties, and sticks the joints like a tight mass.

Do you have at least one of these signs? The vessels require cleaning and nourishing them.

Most of the time, people have several signs at once in various combinations. Sometimes all of them.

Most of the people try to treat each illness individually. They take pills for blood pressure, use ointments for varicose veins, use suppositories for hemorrhoids, and apply gels for osteochondrosis. And of course they use a lot of painkillers…

In the end, they throw all their money to the pharmacy oven. And the cause of all diseases is a vascular obstruction. You have to start with this, with the general cleaning of the blood vessels.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku Obinwannem News Writer/ Nov 6, 2021

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