The mysterious lake that sank an iroko tree in Abatete, Anambra

Obinwannem News The mysterious lake that sank an iroko tree in Abatete, Anambra

Indeed another wonder has been discovered in Uruani-Odida, in Abatete of Idemili local government area, Anambra State, Eastern Nigeria.

Discovery has it that Amiagba-odida, a seemingly peaceful, quiet lake engulfed an iroko tree.

The said lake is located in the outskirt of Abatete in the village of Uruani-Odida. It has a meandering flow that connects it with the other neighbouring streams and water bodies. ‘Mmiri riri oji’ as it is fondly called has abundant water animals and ever green vegetation.

The people of the community takes adequate care of the lake, keeping it clean and making it attractive to tourists and other people who always flood the environment to behold the “wondrous” lake.

The lake is connected to the Ezu river which is believed to be the biggest river in Anambra; consists of aquatic animals, surrounded by tress, relaxation area.

Most people in the community believed the iroko tree drowned in the lake, due to years of neglecting the latter. There are series of sacrifices offered to the river, but due to the influx of Christianity, the river was said to be angry; hence, consuming the iroko – the tallest tree in the town. Iroko is a sacred tree and drowning it is a sign of anger.

The indigenes of the community noted that the river has being in existence long before they were born and usually attracts swimmers from the neighbouring communities, the river actually made the people of the community excellent swimmers.

In addition to this, villagers noted that the river is a form of commercial hub to the people as visitors troop from far and near to swim. It also helps farmers to irrigate farmlands. Hunters too are not exempted as beneficiaries – animals frequent the river to quench their taste Making them easy targets.

In recent times, urbanization and development has affected the size and the shape of the river. The tip of the drowned iroko which is still visible till date was at a point regarded the the highest level a good swimmer can get to but as a result of development the river body was greatly tampered.

Ifesinachi Nnabugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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