The Church’s View on Tradition – Venerable Kingsley Obeta

The Church's View on Tradition

The Church's View on Tradition - Venerable Kingsley Obeta The Church's View on Tradition - Venerable Kingsley Obeta

Venerable Kingsley Obeta in charge of Nsukka Central Archi mercenary in Nguru Nsukka, who was at the fall festival at Nguru Nsukka shared his thoughts about the festival. According to him, he was at the occasion as a representative of the Anglican Bishop of Nsukka who was invited to the occasion but could not make it to the event.

According to him the event or occasion is a good one because it is an event that was organized by the King to show appreciation to God who gave him the throne through which he is doing the will of God.

In his speech, he pointed out that the Bible supports and promotes interaction between the church and the community and that God also instructed that rulers should be honoured and respected because it is his (God’s) will That leaders attend should send the truth means that it is him (God) that gave the kings their throne and the power to rule his people, hence they should be obeyed and honoured. He went further to explain that the church supports tradition but does not support evil and Idol worshipping, which is the worship of false gods.

He also said that the occasion to which the king invited them and which they gathered is part of tradition two and does not involve Idol worshipping or any form of evil ritual. Rather they have all gathered to thank God pray for the King and the people and also ask God to take control in their Kingdom.

He further mentions that this kind of occasion also allows preaching the word of god to the people therefore his heart is filled with joy because of the number of people who came out for the occasion who as well have received the message of Christ it is left for them to design what to do with the message.

In conclusion, he explained that he was very happy to be at the event and as well happy with the way the King invited everyone including church leaders and their congregation, to him it was an indication that the king was for all as well as the event by inviting different church leaders and their members it means that there is no plan of performing any form of evil rituals of the practice of I do worship.

During his speech he mentioned that there is a difference between tradition and idol worshipping, he explained that tradition is good because of what it stands for and he gave an instance saying that the tradition of Nsukka supposes respect among the young and the old promotes and instruct the children to respect and honour their parents you observe that tradition follows due procedure it handles everything according to procedures.

This can be seen in burials, marriage ceremonies, etc it is those procedures or ways of doing things that the church supports. To him these are the things that differentiate tradition from idol worshipping which the church does not support, the church also does not support masquerade or masquerade parades of any kind in conclusion the church supports any good tradition that the Bible supports.


Written by Chioma Offor (Obinwannem News correspondent Enugwu State)
Date: February 01, 2024
Published by Ugwu Okechukwu (Obinwannem)

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