The black races are rising to the spotlight “Gradually Establishing Dominance”

Obinwannem News The black races are rising to the spotlight "Gradually Establishing Dominance"

The black races are rising to the spotlight “Gradually Establishing Dominance”

It has certainly become an interesting and intriguing notion that there is a rapid shift in racial equality in our world today. As such, one striking thing is how so many nations have divided from each other probably for peace and other beneficial or palatable factors.

Although, racism has become a sickening and toxic inevitable factor in our various societies today, no matter how we try to act like one, somehow, one race will always prove superior over another.

Let’s take a deep dive into the past when so many great nations today were under colonial masters with special reference to the United States of America. America fought for her freedom and looking at them today, they happen to be the most popular country on the planet by choice. Observably, America is made up of black and white races and tracing down to history, so many of these black races are typical Africans who were bought as slaves many years ago.

Let us not forget that these (blacks) were men and women who were taken against their own free will which I call suppression, oppression and an act of inhumanity. These men and women were subjected to hard labor, scourged, bruised and wounded, and lives were lost in this course of (slavery).

Now there is a saying that “revenge is a meal better served chilled”. Let’s not forget that the heart of man is evil naturally and that what goes around comes back around. Man is also spontaneously vindictive, jealous, envious, avarice, desperate, etc.

Now, these elements of man spell out how the tables will turn within the space of time. However, in our typical African continent, we were colonized by foreigners. Also, with time the African countries fought for their freedom too and became autonomous and independent.

Interestingly, when you look at the exodus of blacks from the African continent to the other parts of the world today, which I believe so many, are still in conundrum of what could exactly be the cause of this mass movement. With special reference to Nigeria, one would rightly say that the economy is highly appalling and abysmal as such, citizens cannot cope with the untold hardship and the only tunnel to the spotlight is to giddy up for greener pastures outside the continent.

Albeit, so many people are still getting this whole thing wrong which in my opinion I envisage the black races rising to the top. I know when some people read this article they are going to call me crazy, but remember how the blacks suffered in the past in the hands of the whites, and you think they won’t act with time? Well, I will leave that question to you.

When you look at the Nigerian population today, it is becoming stratospheric daily despite the exodus of the masses. Statistically, I would say that there is no country on this planet that you would not find at least a Nigerian (hypothetically). This should tell you how the blacks are spreading like a “wild fire” globally, and it seems the white races haven’t still figured out yet what, how, and why this is occurring rapidly.

Consequently, let me use America as a case study here. When you look at the American entertainment industry, politics, education and other sectors, one would understand where I am coming from, first, Barrack Obama became the first-ever African man to rule in the foreign soil which is a solid proof that the blacks are taking over the world gradually. Another thing that comes to mind is that as the blacks are spreading, numerically, they are multiplying via procreation.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr. professed he had a dream, this is exactly how the black race is going to dominate the world following the sequence of this mass movement saga. In all, the blacks taking over necessarily doesn’t mean going to war with the white races, but stamping that equality right over how we see each other, treat each other, love each other etc.

I mean enough is enough with the impression of whites’ superiority to the blacks, at least which would be the way they see that we (blacks) are same as they are despite the skin color difference.

Mazi Gerald C. Raphael reporting, Obinwannem News

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