Obinwannem Media, New Struture for Workers

Obinwannem News Obinwannem Media, New Struture for Workers

By: Ugwu Okechukwu
(founder Obinwannem Ndigbo Global Foundation)

Greetings to all workers of Obinwannem, I applaud everyone’s effort so far, you have all done well. I want you to know that the primary aim of Obinwannem, is to bring back our culture and traditions, which is why our people are suffering. To fooster stability and developmental growth in our land.

It is petinet to note that we are moving to a very crucial part of this media, which requires all of us to be diligent and steadfast in carrying out our duties.

Intrestingly, Obinwannem Media Company, will supercede BBC, Aljazerra, CNN, Channels, because our focus would be mostly from our fatherland, what is happening in the five state of Southeast, what is happening to Ndigbo internationally and globally.

We can only achieve these great height, from this next step we are about to take, which requires all hands must be on deck.

The reason why we are here should not be, because of the money, but for what the Obinwannem stand for. Using all our resources, in terms of skills, talents, time and effort, to see that our land becomes a better place.

Which is why, i am soliciting, that everyone here, should be selfless, and determined to make these dream a reality, which will of course benefit all of us at the end.

I also applaud Emmanuel Kalu and others , who is behind the establishment of the social media network, which will be utilized soon, once everything is set in place.

There are few adjustment to our dairly routine as Obinwannem workers, I want us all to go through this.

  1. Our Reports/ News will emerge from our individual states, from hence forth.
  2. Every worker is expected to pay tax, this will be deducted from your salary. You are required to state how much would be deducted from your salary, this will aid payments.
  3. Every one who is working, should be able to promote articles and reports, through social network, such as instangram, facebook, twitter.
  4. Everyone is a mandated to sign a new contract, which involves how the company would be operating.
  5. Don’t say because of money, you won’t carry out your duties. You are expected to work according to your obligations.
  6. We should all take note that, we don’t want to rely on what Nigeria Media tell us, which sometimes is false. The essence of Obinwannem media is to get real facts of the current happenings in our land.
  7. Soon, everyworker in Obinwannem will have ID card.
  8. Secretary of every state, will be required to give weekly update of happenings in each state summarily.

After the Launching, there would be general restructuring.

Duties of Respective Offices

Office of the Chief Editor

Chief editor

Chikwas Onukpe

  • Edit and Write reports from Abia State.
  • outline your expenses, for your workers, reporters for specific information needed for your office, send it for processing.
  • teach Igbo, and also create WhatsApp or Zoom conference meeting where you will be having lectures.
  • cover reports on all the LGA of Abia State Office of Writers

Chief Writer

Ijeoma Njoku

  • Write all happenings in Imo State.
  • Outline expenses for reporters , workers in terms of information, send it for processing.
  • You will have representative reporting to you, from 27 LGA in Imo State.
  • Learn how to edit your work.
  • cover reports in Imo State.
  • Write about happenings in your state
  • write about what concerns Ndigbo internationally and globally.
  • write about the history of Igbo culture and traditions.
  • write about how Igbos cultivate their lands, and how they rear animals etc. News Presenter Office

Head presenter ( English Language)

Onyinyechi Nwakama

  1. Henceforth your news will be in Video not audio.
  2. You are expected to bring videos concerning the news you are presenting.
  3. You will need Igbo attire for your presentation, if you don’t have, you can purchase.
  4. Your video should sound clearly, as your audio.
  • Your News casting would be streamlined live.
  • You can work either by full time or half time, pending on your choice.
  • When we eventually have our office in Lagos, it means you will be at the office regularly.
  • Get prepared you will soon commence interactive session using conference call.
  • Outline expenses of the equipment, you will be needing to present your news, such as banners, curtains etc, send it for processing.

Head Presenter ( Igbo Language)


  • Your News Presentation would also be in Video.
  • You have to provide the video for the News.
  • You are requested to state if you would live in Nsukka studio or not.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News/ June 28, 2021

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