Fulani herdsmen strike again in Enugu

Obinwannem News Fulani herdsmen strike again in Enugu

Another day, another killing as the messengers of death, the Fulani herdsmen have yet again killed an elderly man Tuesday, June 30, in his farm in Achina, Oji river L.G.A. In Enugu state.

Unfortunately, these incessant killings by the rampaging Fulani herdsmen have become the order of the day in many parts of Biafra land.

If it’s not the raping and butchering of our women in Uli, Anambra state, it’s the unprovoked killings of unarmed elderly men working in their farms.

Just the other day, Fulani herdsmen invaded a home in Austin Farms premises, Anyamelum L.G.A. in Anambra state where a 22-year-old female was abducted.

Obinwannem joins the public in demanding actions from the Nigerian government to curb this ugly menace in various parts of Igboland.

Mazi Ichelle reporting, Obinwannem News

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