Myanmar coup: Heavy protest hits to demand Sui Kyi’s release

Obinwannem News Myanmar coup: Heavy protest hits to demand Sui Kyi's release

• As military shuts down internet

Despite calls from the United Nations (UN) Security Council to release the defacto leader of Myanmar, Aung Sui Kyi, and all the detained government officials, Kyi has not been seen in public since after the coup.

Several thousands of people took to the street of Yangon on Saturday condeming the military for the illegitimate detention of Aung Suu Kyi, demanding her release.

However, this is the first sign of street unrest in the country since the military took over power, other locations reacting to the coup are Melbourne, Australia, and Taiwanese capital, Taipei.

Banners indicating “Against Millitary Dictatorship” were seen in the midst of the protesters, as they chantted “Millitary dictator, fail,fail; Democracy win,win” .Most of the protesters wore red, colour of Suu Kyi’s National league for Democracy ( NLD) party.

Suu Kyi was declared winner of the November 8 elections, won with a landslide victory. The military, however, has refused to acknowledge results; claiming electoral fraud. Meanwhile, the country’s electoral commission said it found no evidence of widespread irregularities in the November elections.

As the protest excalates, activists issued calls on the social media alerting people to join the march as the country internet crashed.

Many had side stepped the ban on sites such as Facebook by using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to conceal their location; although, more general disruption to mobile data service would severely limit access to independent news and information.

“Internet already down but we will not stop raising our voice, wrote a Twitter user with the handle , Maw Aung .”let’s fight peacefully for democracy and freedom, Let’s fight until the last minute for our future”.

Sui Kyi, 75, has also experienced previous junta for 15 years, under house arrest, before the troubled democratic transition began in 2011.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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