Anambra State disaster: Government should fulfill their promises & value lives when voted into power

Obinwannem News Flashback: Anambra State disaster! Government should fulfill their promises and value lives when voted into power

The people of the eastern region of Nigeria our lives is very important than anything so we should stand up and speak against bad government leaders that not working for the people and the land they are representing.

A lot of bad roads have destroyed lives and properties in Eastern Nigeria also Nigeria as generally and the world should understand what going on in Nigeria and why citizens are crying for division with a lot of agitation across the country.

The government of Nigeria has forgotten their work and promises to the people. They will promise citizens a lot of kind of promises but immediately they elected to the office they will turn their back on people which is unacceptable to the public.

In Nigeria, poverty has taken over the country people who cannot stand for the situation have been stolen and committing suicide and involving in evil-doing which allows end them is a prison or public beaten.

Nigerians can remind the government of their duties and stand strong for the real change for the good of citizens and the land. In the country, there is no light, no running water, no good roads, no security, no good hospitals, know companies can create jobs, and know plan to rebuild is that country deserves to be a living place, of course know lives is always important and must be protected.

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Flashback: “Anambra disaster” Gov. should fulfill their promises & value lives when voted into power

Written By Vladimir Chimaobi Obinwannem News

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