Simon Ekpa to Ohaneze: Biafra or a Restructure! Igbo president is not our objective for 2023

Obinwannem News Simon Ekpa to Ohaneze: Biafra or a Restructure! Igbo president is not our objective for 2023

Ohaneze Ndi Igbo my question is do you people think that Igbo 2023 presidency promised by northerners is the solution of this critical situation in the eastern region of Nigeria? Of course, I don’t think the same.

Ohaneze is this hoping presidency coming in 2023 will solve the intimidation and humiliation of Igbo’s in one claimed Nigeria, do you people think it will provide facilities that Igboland is lacking since after the war? You people should think well this time because people have wake-up to know their rights in Nigeria.

An Igbo person who supposes to serve as commissioner of police will presidency keep the person to be serving as an inspector or Igbo’s that have companies and business are they going to be running their projects as it supposed as a citizen? Of course No.

Will this Igbo hopeful presidency restructure Nigeria or you people just want to answer Igbo presidency so that the person will go true again what the former President Goodluck Jonathan goes true in the hands of northerners.

Because what people of easterners are talking about is that national assembly is full of northerners how can you win them by voting which you people have well known that they can never support Igbo person to be the president of Nigeria? it’s better northerners remain there but let’s restructure Nigeria.

So, when we will give a position of leadership or working to someone, let the person merits the position true the experience of the person we can offer the person the position not when someone uses 150 cut-off marks enter university in northern land and Igbo person or Yoruba person use 250 enter university then the person that have 150 marks will first get job fast than a Yoruba or Igbo person.

Our leaders need to start working with people’s mind, not with their positions, People are suffering and the systems need to be change totally we are not interested in the coming presidency anymore Biafra nation or restructure the system.

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Written By Vladimir Chimaobi Obinwannem News

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