A Feature Article: It is health that is real wealth and not a piece of gold and silver – Mahatma Ghandi

Obinwannem News A Feature Article: It is health that is real wealth and not a piece of gold and silver - Mahatma Ghandi

Health is wealth. Without good health, wealth accumulation cannot be acquired. 

From Wikipedia, health is central to so many things according to the world health organization formulated in 1948, as it describes health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

The world health is a serious issue that no one escapes from either stress, lack of the seven classes of food such as protein, carbohydrates, fat and oil, minerals, water and vitamins, depression, germs and nature of the environment. 

To a layman, health is the inability to carry out daily activities. 

Food is very essential to maintaining good health by eating foods. You cannot be healthy without eating to complete the three square meals. Fruit also nourishes the body by helping to avoid anti-aging. 

If you eat a balanced diet at the right time, you help to boost your immune system to fight against germs. This will help to maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases like stroke, cancer, heart disease and so on. 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness; take care of your health properly by maintaining a neat environment always to prevent environmental diseases at all costs. 

To maintain good health, go for a medical check-up regularly and inculcate the habit to hearken to medical instructions, which is the most prominent part of all to sustain good health. 

And imbibe the culture of sports. The sweat you give out matters a whole lot to your body. You have to follow medical advice on how many doses of drugs when prescribed for accurate healing. Any form of disobedience to this result to damage internal organ or instant death. 

Most drugs are tagged to keep out of the reach of children to prevent the children from organ damages that may hinder them from growing to maintain good health status.  

For an adult, it provides the chances to live longer without experiencing any form of adult diseases such as stroke at the early 70s, not being able to walk for a very long period, developing toothless mouth, severe back pain, excess cold, watery eyes and so on

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