Ugandan court rules freedom for opposition leader Bobi Wine

Obinwannem News Ugandan court rules freedom for opposition leader Bobi Wine

In the wake of the Ugandan presidential elections, opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi, known by his stage name Bobi wine has been under “house arrest”.

The 38-year-old former reggae star did contest against Yoweri Museveni, 76, who was projected winner of the election according to the country’s electoral commission, by over 58% of the total votes cast.

Museveni would continue a sixth term as President of Uganda. Howbeit, Wine has continually said the election was noted with “widespread fraud and violence,” accusing the government of staging a “coup”. He had urged supporters to protest his loss through non violence means.

Meanwhile, Bobi Wine’s home has been barricaded with heavy military guard since January 14, the presidential election.

But lately, a Ugandan court presided by Justice Micheal Elubu, on Monday ordered the States and security forces” to immediately vacate his property; and his right to personal liberty should be re-instated,” George Musisi, lawyer to Bobi, said.

Presiding Justice Elubu, in his ruling, stated that, “The continued indefinite restriction and confinement of the application to his home is unlawful and his right to liberty has being infringed.

“Having found that the restriction are unlawful, it is hereby ordered that they are lifted.”

The singer-turned-lawmaker, Wine, in a statement Friday said he might not go to court to challenge the official result, because of concerns, “a possible loss there, would validate Museveni’s win,” he said.

Incumbent President Museveni has dismissed allegation of vote rigging; he said the election was “the most cheating free” since independence from Britain in 1962.

Ugandan government has restricted Wine’s movement only to the outskirts of the capital, under military escort because they are afraid his presence in the public would incite rioting.

The court added that Bobi Wine’s home was not a proper detention facility; noting that authorities must bring criminal charge against him, if he threatens public order.

Meanwhile, military spokeswoman Brigadier Havia Byekwara, said that Uganda military was aware of the Court ruling and would comply ,without stating when the soldiers would vacate the premises.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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