The photo deem to touch Igbo’s thought regarding each situation within the homeland

Obinwannem News Join the volunteers of Obinwannem Foundation worldwide and assist their mission.

This photo suppose to make pastors rethink about Africa situation

An aforementioned photo exists touched, moreover its principal purpose why Obinwannem Foundation worldwide was founded to start solving the helpless common citizen in Igbo homeland also elsewhere Igbo people based throughout the globe.

More extra concerning this unpleasant situation occurs multiple in the Igbo nation. May Chukwu Okike help us all. iseee iseee iseee

Join the volunteers of Obinwannem Foundation worldwide also assist their mission.

Click to render aid concerning the helpless. Ndigbo requires to grow collectively to promote including support themselves around the planet.

Source: Ugwu Okechukwu the leader of Obinwannem Foundation

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