Nigerian Army Denies Video Clip of Boko Haram Killing Soldiers, says it was fabricated by IPOB

Obinwannem News Nigerian Army Denies Video Clip of Boko Haram Killing Soldiers, says it was fabricated by IPOB

The Nigerian Army has denied the video footage where some members of the deadly terrorist group Boko Haram were killing some soldiers while in a fierce battle.

Sagir Musa the Acting Director Army Public Relations on 11 December 2019, disclaimed the footage, adding that it was false and a fabricated video made by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB to mislead the public.

In a press release, Musa stated that their attention was drawn to a viral, unsubstantiated and fabricated video clip circulating on the social media portraying the stage-managed/so-called capture and killing of some Nigerian soldiers by Boko Haram terrorists on the 10th of December 2019.

Musa also said that the Nigerian Army in a bid to disclaim such, “wished to emphasize that there was no incident that involved the capture and killing of tens and tens of Nigerian soldiers on the 10th of December 2019 as mischievously and wickedly portrayed in the video”.

He claims that “similarly, preliminary observation of the video clip (even by the amateur) will reveal that the video was doctored and that the entire events captured in the footage were not an occurrence that took place at any point in time within the shores of Nigeria”.

“To this end, the Nigerian Army is hereby calling on the members of the general public and indeed personnel of the Nigerian Army especially those in the North East theatre of operation to disregard the sinister, very inciting and divisive video concocted and peddled by the outlawed IPOB members whose main objective is the disunity and fragmentation of Nigeria as clearly shown or espoused in the video”. “

Accordingly, the call by one Simon Ekpa, (the principal actor in the clip), calling on soldiers of South-East extraction presently serving in the North East to desert the Army and return to Biafra as well as calling on South Easterners not to join the Nigerian Army is an obvious indication of the essence and objective of the masterminds of this fake video which should be discountenanced by the public”. “

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Nigerian Army wish to also reiterate its unflinching commitment to sustain the war against terrorism and shall not be deterred by the evil machinations or propagandist activities of mischievous persons whose main interest is the disunity of our beloved nation”. However, similar footage of Boko Haram slaying Nigerian soldiers has in time past trended on social media.

Moreover, the Nigerian Army will have to prove evidently that these footages were staged managed by IPOB. Also, Recall that the Minister of Information Lai Muhammad had told the world how Boko Haram was defeated technically.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting Obinwannem News

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