Minute-recordings of the executive meeting, Obinwannem Global, Anambra State Chapter held on March 25, 2021

Obinwannem News Minute-recordings of the executive meeting, Obinwannem Global, Anambra State Chapter held on March 25, 2021

The Meeting commenced at 4:05 pm Biafra Time, after an opening remark by our Leader (Mazi Onyekachukwu Mgbe onye ji nu), calling on all the administrators to participate in the meeting, both workers and students alike, assuring that the meeting would not last longer than 1 hour 30 minutes after which he called on Lolo Ethel Obiageli to lead us in the Opening Prayer which did in the Name of Chukwu Okike Abiama

After that, the agenda for the meeting was posted in the group by our State Chairman (Mazi Onyekachukwu Mgbe Onye Ji Nu) which was basically on the mission and targets of the Association for the next 6 months


RE: Our Mission For The Next Six Months

(1.) The launching of Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Foundation and our social media.
Date: April 10, 11, 2021. Time: 1pm Biafra Time [Venue shall be communicated later]

(2.) Our first project: We have decided to start with water projects. Also, farming if all kinds will be introduced (e.g animal farming, fish farming etc.)

3.) Tax Payment: Every member of Obinwannem in Biafraland and Africa will pay ₦100 minimum to ₦40,000 maximum, monthly; whereas, members outside Africa will pay $1 to $100 maximum. Any money paid must be used for our project. Payment starts on April 01, 2021.

4.) Opening of State Offices: Every State needs to have an Obinwannem office and paid workers. (e.g reporters, cameramen, and journalists)

5.) All States must print flyers with the following details of their members.
Head Admin (men/women) and P.R.O, with their contact numbers and pictures.

(6.) All States must pick a day from our four market days to come on air, and address your state of our mission.

(7.) Every member of each group must answer ‘present’ every Saturday and Sunday by greeting their people. Failure to do so will pay $1 tax. That is, coming out to tell their brothers and sisters how they are doing.

8.) All members of Obinwannem Foundation in Biafraland, and beyond must be having monthly meetings – once a month – with their respective secretarys; while bringing reports to the Board of Directors (e.g meetings – village, LGA, States and Federal, e.t.c.)

P. S – Administrators of every State must be part of the meeting. So, we want every state to have a meeting. Our next meeting is slated for March 28, 2021. Thanks

Mazi Ugwu Okechukwu (Chief Executive Officer)

Mazi Prince Kingsley Amechi (SGC)

After the introduction of the agenda of the meeting, Comr Anaekwe Ugochukwu, supported the first matter. However, he raised questions regarding the venue for the launching and the mode of invitation for the event – the calibers of people that are to be invited to this occasion.

The Asst Women’s leader, Lolo Obiageli Ethel, speaking on the First matter (launching of the Foundation) said that to her, either 10th or 11th was very okay; depending on the most convenient day for our brethren in Biafraland who are to represent us

Our Asst Admin Anambra State (Mazi Onyekachukwu Ogodor) answered the first question by saying that it’s not within our capacity to decide the date for the launching of the Association, considering that we are just one state among the five-member states that makes up this great Association and the lunching date must be a convenient date and venue for all the member States; which he said was left for our leaders to decide from now to August.

Nonetheless, the Asst. Women’s leader Lolo Obiageli Ethel said that the launching must be in April which is less than one month; only that the venue has yet to be decided.

She explained that the launching is where the five states would come together and pray to Nna anyị Igbo, Chukwu-Okike Abiama that we have started this journey and the vision he gave to us as Obinwanne Family.

This will be different from an upcoming event by the association where there will be different cultural activities and displays and other events

Comr. Anaekwe made a suggestion regarding the question he asked earlier and I quote “My suggestions based on the questions I ask.

1 . I think it should be launched in Alex Ekwueme Square Awka because of the space.

2 . How we should create an invitation card. Firstly we should know the content of the event; including the chairman of the day, e.t.c.

  1. Everybody; especially, the heads of every community should be invited.”

The State chairman commended our brother for both his questions and suggestions that everybody’s contribution is needed in the meeting and Advice that Voice Note will be perfect for contributions and any suggestion not just typing

Mazi Ogodor answered the question, saying that Alex Ekwueme Square was a considerable venue due to its spaciousness. “But as regards how we should create invitations, that there are no many problems with this, because we will print invitations as directed by our leaders to all the states and share to some selective and prominent people in our individual states.”

On the launching of the Association, Nwada Chinyere asked if everyone is to attend the launching from all the member states or are we to send delegates who are going to represent us as a chapter.

Ogodor suggested that we send delegates from our home base members to go and inquire about the price for renting the venue, the estimated number of persons that are coming, the “item seven” (foods and drinks) and the order of the events; contribution and donations for the event by all the member States. He suggested that there should be a particular amount that every State would be allotted towards supporting the event, and the number of representatives from each State.

He added that, one who will read out the programme of the day, explaining some of the Igbo cultures; also the TV and photo coverage.

After his suggestions, Nwada Onyinye Onyechefuna supported what Mazi Ogodor said and suggested that as regards Inviting some Village Leader, Traditional leaders are some prominent people that we suppose to meet them on time to Invite them official for the event and also on time because major of them may be engaged during that period because it would be amid Easter season.

Lolo Ethel said that the delegates that are to represent their chapters during the event must be those 10 officials that were selected for the visit to Nna Anyị Igbo by their States.

The closing remarks was made by the State Leader (Mazi mgbe onye ji nu) who further called for more commitment from our members and also called on the members of the Admins who are living within Anambra to take up the planning, subsequently.

Our Leader Mazi
‘Mgbe Onye Ji Nu’ said it was not in our capacity to conclude because we are yet to discuss this in the general meeting, and Anambra is just one among the five chapters that are involved.

On the second matter for discussion, Comr. Anaekwe asked some questions and suggestions as well

In his words: “On the installation of water projects (borehole), where are we planning to do that. Will it be in all the local government or towns? On the other hand, processing water, and packaging same, would be a ‘long process’. Then, farming would be very good, but Fulani herdsmen have mostly occupied our land.”

Furthermore, he added: I think we should look for a town that lacks water then we help. Coming to the pure water issue it’s a very good idea but the process here in Anambra is much. And if we are opening that it should be a location that has good road, electricity And location were demand will be high. Farming is cool. But we need a very good place for that.”

Nwada Onyinye Onechefuma said that it’s from a general group that the final decision on the venue will be taken and how to take care of the welfare of other visiting states Lolo Obiageli Ethel supported the Third Agenda considering many projects and investments that Obinwanne is planning to venture into.

Nwada Ihechukwu also supported all the agenda and the third matter. Nwada Onyinye Echefula as supported the third matter because we need money for everything we have planned to do. Nwada Ihechukwu asked a question about Answering present in the group and asked who persons to answer the present are.

Lolo Obiageli supported the opening of state offices. Nwada Ihechukwu supported the idea of instituting State offices. Lolo Ethel Suggested that Anambra State should pick Saturdays for pasting voice notes to the group for our members

Nwada Ihechukwu supported the Saturday that was picked by Lolo Ethel and said that even though The closing prayers it might not be at the same time but it must be on that Saturday for Anambra State Chapter executives because there is a Penalty attached for those that fail to adhere to this by our leaders

Mazi Ogodor supported the idea of creating a state office and reasons why it’s vital to our growth and actualizing our dreams as an association Mazi Ogodor suggested that we should pay a Condolence visit to our sister Amarachi Obidike for the Burial of her grandmother

Mazi Ogodor expressed dissatisfaction over non-participation in the general meeting and suggested that they should be fined. Lolo Ethel responded by saying that some of our Executives obtained permission from the meeting e.g Our Secretary

Mazi Ogodor said he would donate ₦50, 000 for the upcoming event.
Nwada Ihechukwu commended those that attended the meeting and prayed that Chukwu Okike Abiama will bless them all

Our leader Mazi ‘Mgbe onye ji nu’ thanked everyone that was in attendance for the meeting and asked Lolo Ethel to lead in closing prayers.

The closing prayers were taken by Lolo Obiageli Ethel (Asst. Women Leader), in the Name of Chukwu Okike Abiama Iseeeee….. Iseeeee……….. Iseeeee..

Minutes were taken by:
Mazi Osita Chinonso (Secretary-General, Anambra Obinwannem Foundation)

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