Military aircrafts ‘shoot’ sporadically in Benue, many feared dead, scores injured

Obinwannem News Military aircrafts 'shoot' sporadically in Benue, many feared dead, scores injured

There was heavy tension in Benue communities as Nigerian military, in an air raid, reportedly mowed down residents of Bonta in Shangev Tiev, Konshishu local government of Benue State.

The attacks started early hours of Tuesday, April 6.

An eyewitness confirmed that, the military attacked the community in an aircraft, and were shooting sporadically, many feared dead, others injured.

They said, “We have never seen such a shocking experience. There was massive shooting by a moving aircraft. Everyone started shouting, shaking, running in opposite directions.

“The aircraft flew as low as 5-10 meters above the roof level with a wicked soldier man, who was shooting randomly and emptied a lot of magazines in motion.

“This unexpected attacks made everyone run out of their villages and look for a secured place to lay low,” the source lamented.

They added that, “there are actually reports of deaths lots of bullets wounds, the shock from the unexpected attack and the loud sound and vibration from the aircrafts.”

Meanwhile, it was gathered that the millitary attack the region, following the lingering crisis between the people of Shangev Tiev, and Igede community in Okputo.

Howbeit, an unconfirmed reports had it that youths of Shangev Tiev intercepted the weapons – that were for the Igede warriors to fight Shangev Tiev community – supposedly sent by an army General from Igede.

It was said, however, the people of Shangev Tiev realised the attack from the military was due to an incident that happened earlier.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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