Biafrans are the light of God “IHECHINEKE” – MNK

Obinwannem News Biafrans are the light of God "IHECHINEKE" - MNK

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said that the people of Biafra are the light of God (ihechineke) in the Igbo dialect.

He also noted that the freedom championed by his led IPOB group is not limited to political emancipation, but also includes freedom from all forms of human bondage, be it mental, political, economic, social, religious and educational.

Recall that Kanu had blasted Nigerian pastors during his last broadcast. Kanu noted that all the pastors in Nigeria are criminals, stressing that they have been deceiving the average Nigerian in the name of church.

This raised so much dust amongst Nigerians, as religious leaders and members of mostly Christians faith have come out openly to call the Biafran leader names.

Taking to his Facebook page, Kanu on Saturday, reacted by writing thus: “We are the light of God (IHECHINEKE)”.

“The freedom we in IPOB have been ordained to champion in this era of organized deception is not just that of political emancipation or territorial autonomy, rather it’s the truest form of freedom.

Freedom from all forms of human bondage, be it mental, political, economical, social, religious and educational, especially in these core areas where our people have been held hostage by unseen dark forces, both foreign and local, intent on destroying and subjugating our race to eternal slavery devoid of honor, dignity and hope”.

He went further to say the root of all the problems faced by every Biafran is contained in the above areas; he, therefore, promised to be focused on those facts.

“Tomorrow evening Sunday 21 June 2020 @ 7 pm GMT, I will continue to focus my lectures on these crucial areas, given that it has come to our understanding that the root of all the problems associated with the shameful plight of black people in the world today stem from our subconscious ignorance of the facts of life which has been cleverly wrapped in a unique brand of religious idiocy by our conquerors.

“Until we attain a heightened state of consciousness through the efforts those of us in IPOB are making, anyone going about making the truth we preach to be about supposed lack of religious freedom in a new Biafra is truly daft and making a complete fool of him or herself.

“Freedom is freedom and it means freedom from all forms that negatively impact the lives of black people and BIAFRANS in particular, including religious hypocrisy and blatant misrepresentation and misapplication of Biblical doctrines.

Other African indigenous nations may choose to keep quiet or be as dumb as they like if they so wish, but not we Biafrans. As the instructive ancient Igbo adage constantly reminds us, “Arusi kpaa ike egosi ya osisi eji kpuo ya”.

“The Ancients never regarded religion as a taboo subject never to be broached, because in their wisdom they realized that true knowledge can only come through the interrogation of every belief system regardless of how sacrilegious that may seem. Our ancestors believed and rightly so that TRUTH if at all it is the truth, should not be afraid of scrutiny. If something is true, why should it be shielded or afraid of honest interrogation?

“Africa is drowning, blacks all over the world are under siege, but we continually refuse to reason as human beings should.

Biafra, as I never tire of saying will not be like any other superstitiously useless, religion enslaved African country. We are the LIGHT of GOD…..IheChineke (Ihechi) I don’t need a thieving Daddy G.O, an idol worshipper, or lunatics of an alien religion to tell me that” he added.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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