RE: Our Mission For The Next Six Months

(1.) The launching of Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Foundation and our social media. Date: April 10, 11, 2021. Time: 1pm Biafra Time [Venue shall be communicated later]

(2.) Our first project: We have decided to start with water projects. Also, farming if all kinds will be introduced (e.g animal farming, fish farming etc.)

3.) Tax Payment: Every member of Obinwannem in Biafraland and Africa will pay ₦100 minimum to ₦40,000 maximum, monthly; whereas, members outside Africa will pay $1 to $100 maximum. Any money paid must be used for our project. Payment starts on April 01, 2021.

4.) Opening of State Offices: Every State needs to have an Obinwannem office and paid workers. (e.g reporters, cameramen, and journalists)

5.) All States must print flyers with the following details of their members.
Head Admin (men/women) and P.R.O, with their contact numbers and pictures.

(6.) All States must pick a day from our four market days to come on air, and address your state of our mission.

(7.) Every member of each group must answer ‘present’ every Saturday and Sunday by greeting their people. Failure to do so will pay $1 tax. That is, coming out to tell their brothers and sisters how they are doing.

8.) All members of Obinwannem Foundation in Biafraland, and beyond must be having monthly meetings – once a month – with their respective secretarys; while bringing reports to the Board of Directors (e.g meetings – village, LGA, States and Federal, e.t.c.)

P. S – Administrators of every State must be part of the meeting. So, we want every state to have a meeting. Our next meeting is slated for March 28, 2021. Thanks

Mazi Ugwu Okechukwu (Chief Executive Officer)

Mazi Prince Kingsley Amechi (SGC)

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