Obigbo Massacre: WIC reacts, asks FG to address the demands of protesters

Obinwannem News Obigbo Massacre: WIC reacts, asks FG to address the demands of protesters

World Igbo Congress (WIC) has reacted over the mass killing of people from the ethnic nationality in Obigbo and Port Harcourt areas of Rivers State.

The apex Igbo group faulted Governor Nyesom Wike for issuing an executive order that instigated the onslaught of Igbos in the Obigbo Local Government Area.

In a statement issued Friday by its public relations officer, Basil Onwukwe, the group urged the Federal Government to muster the political will in addressing demands of the #EndSARS protesters.

It charged the authorities on an immediate de-escalation process to ease tension and restore normalcy for meaningful reforms to take place.

Onwukwe said: “Governor Wike’s acquiescence to military’s high-handedness in the search and destruction of IPOB members and properties leaves no pretense about collaboration in the gruesome killing, torture and maltreatment of Igbo of South East extraction residing in Obigbo and Port Harcourt areas of the state.

“The use of Nigerian military as fire-brigade to the crisis, with its poor record in managing tensed and fluid political situations, is ill-informed.

“Improper for the Federal Government to engage in wanton killing, torture and maiming of Igbo youths in a deliberately crafted reprisals that only occurred in the Igbo-concentrated areas of the federation.

“#EndSARS movement involved youths of all ethnic nationalities and the government’s refusal to pay the populace back with this most oppressive and hapless approach is sad, to say the least. To single Igbo youths out for counter-offensives is not auguring well for our national politics.

“WIC’s preliminary inquiry reveals gruesome accounts of some residents seeing dead bodies on the streets allegedly shot by soldiers on deadly reprisals.

“WIC calls for immediate investigation by Amnesty International and other foreign human rights agencies. The congress also demands the imposition of sanctions, including travel bans on Nigerian officials found complicit in the killing of unarmed Igbo youths at Obigbo and Port Harcourt in Rivers State.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

  • I would like the Amnesty International, ICC and U N to sanction Nigerian government for using their terrorist soldiers to kill unarmed innocent Igbo Christians and Jewish worshippers with impunity and also try Nyesom Wike for war crime of genocide on ethnic Igbo race at Obigbo River State Biafran Region. WIC must stand very strong to defend Igbo interest as Igbo Union of the old use to do. We need Biafra freedom at all cost. It is not a crime and it is not too much to ask. We need Biafra to take good care of our people and ourselves. All those evil ridiculous sell out Governors nof Igbo race must be forced to work for Igbo interest and Nnia Nwodo must be cautioned at all cost. Nnia Nwodo hate Igbo race so also Nyesom Wike and they must be sanctioned at all cost. Anybody that instigated the killing of Igbo person or hired uncircumcised Fulani to kill Igbo is Igbo enemy. The primitive house to house killing at Obigbo throwing the bodies into Imo River is calculated abomination. The burning and destruction of house of the Living God, synagogue is mark of evil and abomination too. Also the burning of the dead body of their evil killing to hide evidence is unethical and evil is ridiculous abomination and sacrilege too.

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