IPOB warns against publishing unverified news in its name

Obinwannem News IPOB warns against publishing unverified news in its name

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has warned all its members and social media activists to refrain from republishing or circulating any unverified Biafra news report coming in the name of the group.

The Pro-Biafra body said the warning became necessary following its discovery of a clandestine plot to discredit the IPOB movement by subtly planting doubt in the minds of international observers through some sponsored fact-checks.

The Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Comrade Emma Powerful, explained that the plot is to always publish outlandish claims about Biafra’s restoration on social media, luring unsuspecting Biafrans into republishing, circulating the claims and when it gains momentum, same persons who pushed the stories will turn around and present them to international observers encouraging them to fact check fake news by IPOB.

“Their game plan is to bribe hungry university lecturers and freelance journalists to provide the basis through which Aso Rock can hopefully weaken IPOB’s international support base by deploying a series of well-choreographed disinformation machinery through multiple channels dedicated to driving home the narrative that Biafrans should not be trusted.

“They plan to discredit IPOB movement by subtly planting doubt in the minds of international observers through these sponsored fact-checks. It is a simple but effective game plan. “Let this notice serve as a serious warning to all IPOB family members and social media activists to refrain from republishing or circulation any unverified Biafra news report.

“Some of these people with fake Igbo names on social media are involved in the fabrication of such news thereby providing the basis for their counter-narrative that IPOB is peddling fake news and should not be trusted by the international community. We must not allow them to succeed.

“There is a new and concerted high-level conspiracy this 2020 to undermine IPOB in the eyes of the international community using what they hope could be seen as independent fact-checking sources when in fact these publications and their supposed expert contributors are paid unity begging Nigerian government agents masquerading as independent researchers,” he said.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

  • This is exactly why i am looking to speaking to Nnamdi Kanu. This problem, is not all that symply many people born by Hausa and Yoruba Fulani living abroad and some illiterates who come overseas by chance, who do not know the meaning of being rich and later become penniless are the ones i would send my prayer to.
    Many people are culprit of what is happening today. Our story is like adopting and lie to him that he had no father. We had a country called Biafra the Eyinmba land.
    When i see carelesswho don’t refused to remindthemselves why we are all flying our of our country of Biafra Igbo land, it makes my sleepless. You see this nasty business Igbo say they are doing selling souls of their people they should not forget that the White people know us more than we know ourselves.
    Sowore is talking about Nigeria and another news came up that he has joined the IPOB. when did this happen are people drunk. If care is not Yoruba people will put the home in other to find the Igbo scatter without one person talking of Biafra. People are talkig that Igbo are everywhere, Yoruba people are all over the world too power is with them see the embassy. Despite my struggle to reaching Biafra what i suffer is people collecting like, subscription and cloning my name as if i stole the name which is meant for business since 2010 by Igbo off all kindsjust syply because they crreated a word that matches my surname M.B.A. while my last name is Mba.
    Our people are the reason why we have not been honest about getting Biafra. If any wars should blow up again between Nigeria and Biafra, Nigeria will win again because our Biafrans so love their enemies that they have sold their souls. All of them on face book cloning last name in English, that should have been my first name.
    Who is the Igbo person that took enought of her mother milk does not know that Mba, is an African name? On like Abe, do Igbo know that Abe is Urubo name?
    So if some answers that name, coming to Europe they will condermn it because a Japanese president has that name.African people came here and leant about what they call Master Of Business Assorciation which they abbreviated to M.B.A. Nigeria people bore witness that M.B.A. should be original, therefore filted my name from the world map. They sold my data everywhere, many people copied and beginto use it. Should you go a make a search of the name Mba you will see millions using Igbo i have been looking for one of them to contact and tell me that we are related, i have not seen one.
    Igbo people began to toy with my ancestors name comparing it to no,and country which come with the word mba we cannot make m a capital letter because we cannot start anyword mba as country unlessin arguement where it means No!
    I will praying that Biafra. and when it comes shall we know who copied this word and from whom.
    Can any white pronounce this name Ughiaerumba? So when white people take things from us we become thieves of our thing. Who were the first people in Lagos? It was my fathers. Go and askof Mba street in Lagos Ajagunle, Boundary, Oshodi, Ojota.Nnamdi Kanu has to solve this trouble

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