Gunmen Attack Security Agencies in Imo State, Leaving Eight Dead

Gunmen Attack Security Agencies in Imo State, Leaving Eight Dead Gunmen Attack Security Agencies in Imo State, Leaving Eight Dead

Ehime Mbanọ, Imo State – In a shocking and tragic incident that has sent shockwaves throughout Imo State, unidentified gunmen ambushed and killed eight security agents, including soldiers, policemen, and Nigeria Security And Civil Defence Corps personnel in the Umualumaku community of Ehime Mbano Local Government Area. The attack occurred on Tuesday morning, plunging the region into a state of panic and confusion.

The joint security task force team was en route to carry out their duties in two security trucks when they fell into a deadly trap laid by their assailants. The attackers swiftly ambushed the security personnel and set their vehicles ablaze, with none of them surviving the ordeal as they were burnt inside their operational vehicles.

A security operative, who spoke with Punch on the condition of anonymity, disclosed that reinforcement teams were swiftly dispatched to the scene of the crime with the primary objective of apprehending the culprits and recovering the remains of the slain security personnel. The operative further added that the situation remains tense as investigations continue.

Residents of the Umualumaku community, who spoke under the condition of anonymity due to security concerns, shared their harrowing experiences. One resident mentioned that he had seen the security agents just moments before they were set ablaze, highlighting the shock and confusion that has gripped the community in the aftermath of the incident.

A video clip depicting the horrific attack, showing the security agents trapped in their burning vehicles, has circulated on social media platforms, adding to the sense of outrage and sorrow.

The spokesperson for the Imo State Police Command, Henry Okoye, confirmed the incident. However, he requested some time to gather and provide further details about this tragic event that has left a scar on the community and the entire state.

The attack on security agencies in Ehime Mbanọ is a stark reminder of the security challenges that persist in some regions of Nigeria. It underscores the urgent need for enhanced security measures and efforts to ensure the safety of both security personnel and the communities they serve. As investigations continue, the people of Imo State hope for swift justice for the fallen security agents and a lasting solution to the security issues plaguing the state.


Written by Nwokwu Chukwuemeka (Obinwannem News correspondent Ebonyi State)
Date: September 19, 2023
Published by Ugwu Okechukwu (Obinwanne ndi Igbo)

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