Ohaneze, IPOB shred Nigeria’s president over crackdown on Easterners

Obinwannem News Ohaneze, IPOB shred Nigeria's president over crackdown on Easterners

The apex socio-cultural organization Ohaneze Ndigbo has condemned the president’s threat to execute a clampdown on agitators in the Southeast region, using the military, and police.

Nigeria’s president Buhari made this statement in an interview with Arise Television, aired Thursday.

He said: “I was encouraged about what I heard. Nobody told me this, two statements from South-South, one by elderly people. They said this time around, there would be no secession.

“Again, the youth made the same statement. So, that means, IPOB is a dot in a circle. If they want to exit, they would exit to nowhere, and the way they are spread all over the country; having businesses and properties, I think IPOB, does not know what they are talking about.

“If they say, we would talk to them in the language they understand, we will organize the people, and the military to pursue them, that is what we can do, and we will.”

Reacting, Ohaneze Ndigbo said he would have to choose between dialogue or, an avoidable war against the Igbo.

Ohaneze emphasized in a statement titled, “Buhari: A choice between dialogue and war,” signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Alex Ogbonna, that Buhari-led administration, had hated Igbo because they were said to not have voted him en-masse in 2015.

The statement reads in part: “Ohaneze has followed with deep concern the security sequence targeted at the Igbo, the deliberate postings of Northern military and police officers, at various strategic locations in the Southeast.

“The Special National Security Council meeting, where major decisions are taken for the South East and South South to the utter exclusion of security personnel from the South East and South South and the ‘shoot on sight’ order by the Inspector General of Police targeted at Igbo youths.

The group added, “Ohaneze Ndigbo has cautioned that the unprecedented lopsidedness of the Nigerian government in favour of the Fulani, to the exclusion of other ethnic groups, especially in the security architecture; will rather exacerbate the internal security challenges, that leaders who espoused ethnocentric ideology especially in Africa, had often created more problems than they intended to solve.”

Ohaneze justified the agitation by Igbo youths, over marginalization; adding that” the president has a choice between dialogue or an avoidable war”.

Similarly, IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary Emma Powerful, in a statement on Thursday, said Buhari threat would not stop the group from actualizing Biafra; noting that such threat would be for Nigerians, not for IPOB or ESN.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News | June 11, 2021

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