Biafra is the answer to the country’s insecurity and poverty

Obinwannem News Biafra is the answer to the country's insecurity and poverty

Since 2015 President Muhammad Buhari came into power, there has never been prices of any product, goods and services that has ever come up and later return to their former price nor gets lesser.

From the same year till this date, inflation has been his achievements even the products we manufacture in this country is not left out. The indices on the ground show that there is no formidable plan put in place to checkmate this continuous rise of almost 100% of our products and services.

I pity those people who keep hoping that things will get better under this administration, I pray they don’t develop High Blood Pressure (HBP) because their wait has and have been proven to be in vain.

Take, for instance, the premium motor spirit (PMS) which he refused to hand over to anyone and has combined presidency to the minister of petroleum resources. When he took over power, that product was #85.00 per litre, the price keep rising till two days ago, it was sold at #180, last week, 185, in the morning today it was #190 and now it is #200, same with every other product both consumable and non-consumable.

This man was voted into power to address the issue of security challenges this country has been facing, the argument was that since he retired as a General in the Nigeria Army and has been there since the formation of the Nigeria military base after independence that there is no doubt his ability of taking up the challenge, no one envisaged that the Buhari people know then is not the one we are seeing today, he came and destabilised the country security architecture and killings became more phenomenon such that it is now the order of the day.

What of our currency that has been weakened continuously under his grip. I travelled to Benin Republic 2014, Cotonou precisely when I went to buy cars for people, our Naira was very strong against their Cefa, the exchange rate then was #100 against their 1000 Cefa, but now the both currency is competing on superiority. This country is finished and almost gone into coma.

Nigerians, our president has exhausted all he thinks he can do to salvage this country and he is just marking time for his administration to wind down, we have to start taking our destiny into our hands by developing thick skin against this ugly trend, Buhari administration is far worse than Covid-19 pandemic and we must accept our faith, those of them praising him are just hallucinating and doesn’t mean well for this country.

May God save us from this plague that has bedeviled us.


Mazi Nwokwu Solomon Chukwuemeka reporting, Obinwannem News reporter/ September 25, 2021

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