AKU EZU NKPAA: Money is hard to get but easy to spend

Obinwannem News AKU EZU NKPAA: Money is hard to get but easy to spend

Do you know that the hardest thing in life is not how to make money but it is how to save it? The popular saying that “Money hard to get but easy to spend”, is not only proven world over to be true but also very worrisome. This is why you see former this and former that who has touched billions of Dollars fall flat financially that makes one wonder what really happened.

Many people has been looking at former rich men and women as fools and always see them as not worthy to live but when you begin to make money, then will you understand that it is not easy keeping it. When you don’t have money, you make do with the little you get and adjust your level to suit your immediate financial status and keep afloat but the moment you start making more money, your financial status begins to rise, more money, more problems and so it continues.

If you are a thousandaire, for example, your challenges will fall into thousand and same when you becomes a millionaire and so one and so forth. No matter the amount of money you make in a day, weekly, monthly or yearly, there must be one problem or another waiting for you to consume the money, be you a Governor, Senator, Cubana or even the President, challenges don’t fear your status.

The question now is how do we overcome these challenges? For you to overcome this, the following steps need to be taken!

  1. Once you start making money, you need to glance back at where you are coming from, the status you were before getting to the elevated point you are and ask yourself if you will be comfortable going back to that level. This will instil fear in you and help to shape your expenditures.

2. You must be ready to create enmities, once you start making money, that’s when you know your relations you’ve never known and friends you’ve never seen. The girl that dumped you when you had nothing will resurface etc. If you are not careful, the money will not only liquidate but you wouldn’t get it again.

3. You must invest wisely and be conscious of the fact that no matter how much you have, it can evaporate within a twinkling of an eye and most importantly


Mazi Nwokwu Chukwuemeka reporting, Obinwannem News reporter September 26, 2021

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