Yoruba group seeks to leave Nigeria over MACBAN threats

Obinwannem News Yoruba group seeks to leave Nigeria over MACBAN threats

Another Yoruba Socio-Cultural Group, Ko’ya Movement, is sounding off about the government’s inaction in the face of rising insecurity in the country, the group says it will lead the Yoruba nation away from Nigeria if the government fails to get the situation under control.

The group’s convener, Otunba “Deji Osibogun, has warned the Muhammad Buhari government to tackle the problems of insecurity and rise in ethnic bigotry which continues to threaten the peace and stability of the nation.

He further insisted the government took urgent steps to checkmate the activities of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association as they continue to make public utterances on TV stations, local and international, stoking unrest in the country.

Osibogun said, “While we do not want to dwell in the realm of rumours, however, we are forced to state very expressly that the threat to life and admission to mass murder by identifiable and known leaders of Miyetti Allah without any word of caution or arrest by law enforcement agencies in the country led credence to the fact that Miyetti Allah is carrying out the briefs of some invincible forces at the corridor of power in Abuja or elsewhere.

“A mere trade union from a tribe continues to heat-up the polity while others shiver and shake in their pants for fear of attack yet no arrest by our security formations.

These murderous elements are so courageous that they appeared live on national Televisions to attack a whole region comprising of over 50 million people yet the agencies sworn to protect the lives and property of the people are acting like everything is normal. We say without any fear or intimidation that this is an antithesis of a strong and united nation.

“We, Yoruba people, therefore, want to put the Buhari administration on notice that we are not scared of any of these mindless and senseless statements from the hoodlums that the Nigerian government is aiding and abetting. We wish to inform them that we shall protect our land and people with all the resources God has provided and blessed us with.

“In addition to the foregoing, we are putting the Federal Government on notice that if nothing radical and patriotic is done to stop the ongoing mayhem and open threats to our people by Miyetti Allah, we shall mobilize our people to take all democratic steps to ensure our safety

and continued existence as a nation within the Nigerian Federation which may include a Declaration of our Sovereignty or Our Exit from the Nation of Nigeria because we can no longer guarantee our Comfort, Safety and Existence within this Den of Hell.” Mr Osibogun added.

Vladimir Chimaobi reporting, Obinwannem News

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