“Xenophobia” Killings going on in South Africa: It is self-hate

Obinwannem News The word "xenophobia" is indeed a wrong word used to describe the wrong situation in RSA

Beloved, this priceless video is indeed an awesome eye-opener and exactly my sentiment, that what is repeatedly happening in RSA is NOT in any manner xenophobia; but Some Black Africans Killing Entire Black Africa gradually but painfully.

The word “xenophobia” is indeed a wrong word used to describe the wrong situation in RSA. The video clip explains the real meaning of the word “Xenophobia” from these two Greek words: “Xeno” and “Phobia”

The RSA Government and possibly the culprits captured on camera should be made to pay dearly for the repeated spread of this SATANIC SELF HATE, but unfortunately, ICJ, ECOWAS, AU and the UN, will surely play ostrich and sing Hallelujah Chorus on TV screens with other global topics as preferred news headlines.

This is also because epileptic Nigeria of 105 unfruitful years old, shamefully led today by a lifeless Fulani Ghost, may not move a muscle unless cows and herdsmen are involved. Dare not to laugh for I make no humor here.

Yeah, we can never hold RSA to the jugular because we produce nothing their economy needs. Shut their investments in Nigeria down and only Nigerians will suffer gravely. Now you know they are 100 years ahead of us.

Again, we are no giant of Africa but a consuming fruitless and toothless spoilt giant brat.! Oh Yeah, Nigeria remains an Imploding Shithole indeed.!

Source: ©Ugochukwu Ibegbulam Onyeiwu

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